Unveiling the Ultimate MidJourney Hack: 50,000 Images Later

I’ve generated over 50,000 images using AI with Med Journey. I’m going to show you the best image tags or image prompts that I use again and again to create different images with stunning accuracy. Remember, you can slightly adjust the prompt to get the same detailed effect with your desired image. In order for Med Journey’s power to be unlocked, you need to focus on specific keywords and build your prompt around that word. As per usual, the prompts are down in the description for you to use. I’ve also left a link to sign up with Mint Journey just in case you haven’t used it before. Let’s get into it.

Let’s take this beautiful rose, for example. We will focus on Vantablack, our keyword, around Vanta Black. It’s the blackest substance there is and is usually applied as a liquid coating within the industry. Let’s quickly build a prompt for this one. This is going to be a mouthful, so just bear with me for a second. So, we will type in full: “Beautiful Rose, Black Vantablack Steam with Golden and Black Vantablack Petals, Golden Thorns, Mystical Golden Transparent Aura, Gothic Elegant Beauty, Rose Punk, Thorn Spunk.” The image is shot with a Canon EOS 5D Mark IV and Fujifilm Superior Extra 400. Form, Cinematic Color Grading, Dystopian Lighting, Character Design, 25-Millimeter Euro Short, Key Visual Editorial Photography.

Now remember, you can create any image by replacing the rose with your image idea. It can be a car, it can be a helicopter, it can be an airplane, a spaceship, whatever your heart desires.

With the next one, we will be using emojis to form the prompt. Emojis with Mid Journey, that’s right! You can actually pump Mid Journey with any emoji. It’s very satisfying to mix strange combinations and see what comes out of it. With this one, I’m using the chicken emoji combined with the weather emoji, with a simple brunch, the digital art. Now you can access your emojis with your alt code characters or copy and paste them into the prompt bar. I’ve linked a website down in the description to access hundreds of emojis that you can copy and paste. Great way to create art with minimal instruction. Enjoy this one.

The following one is aimed at maximum detail with no compression. The keyword is “RAW.” RAW is a file type for unprocessed digital photography that will give you maximum detail. Let’s quickly build the prompt for this one. So first, to generate the image in the prompt bar, we will type in a massive skeleton head of a dinosaur buried in the sand in a desert at sunset, sad vibes, extinction. This section can be replaced with your image, remember that. So now, to generate the actual prompt with a real magic, lips we will further expand in our prompt bar: “Plus Masterpiece, Supreme Quality, Highest Resolution, Extremely Intricate Details, Highly Detailed Foam Grain, Dynamic Poster Photographer, Portrait Roll.” I’ll keep it photo UHD, DSLR Canon EOS, 35-Millimeter Sharp Focus, Cinematic Short Volumetric Environmental Lighting, Ray Tracing Photography, Cinematic Composition, Photo of the Year, Precise Correct Proportions, Autumn Punch. Really important to remember this one. I’m sure that you will be utilizing this somewhere in your journey of Mid Journey.

In the next stunning image, our keyword will be called something called “kiru,” Chiaroscuro, Skiaro. It’s something that uses strong contrast between light and dark, usually bold contrast affecting our whole composition. It’s also a technical term used by artists and art historians for the use of contrast of light to achieve a sense of volume in modeling three-dimensional objects and figures.

Now, just on a side note here, the more I play around with prompts in Mid Journey, the more it feels like we are conjuring up a Harry Potter spell. It’s really super exciting. Anyway, let’s get back to the prompt. So, for the prompt, we will type in a very realistic low-key photography offer, real dark fantasy, fantasy ancient floral if magic technology, tablet photorealistic elegant Wagnerian art, Novia by Agostino Aravabien, and Mark Demister. All of these are mid-century historians and artists, by the way. Finally, detailed leaves, golden filigree, stylized cinematic lighting, curio crow with our keyword shadows, Donata Daniel Colo, an intricate detail realism. I know that’s a bit of a mouthful again, but trust me on this one. I’ve played around with that specific phrase quite a fair bit, and it will give you amazing detail for this specific image.

Let’s go with something that is a little lighter. Are you after an illustration of a children’s book or just a general illustration? Then I have the perfect prompt for you. In the prompt, type in: “Extremely Cute Dinosaur with a Heart-Shaped Balloon, White Background, Mix of Children’s Book Illustration and ATI Galion Minimalism.” ATI Galion is a specialist in illustrations.

Or maybe you are after a sticker design potentially. Then we will have the following: “Cute Ice Cream Anime Cartoon Style Sticker, No Background.” Obviously, replace the phrase “cute ice cream” with any sticker that your heart desires or your child’s heart potentially desires.

Here is my favorite one by far. The keyword is “masterpiece.” It is another magic keyword that seems to improve everything from photorealistic portraits all the way down to simple illustrations. You can actually combine this word with all of the prompts that we’ve used so far and in any other prompt that you might potentially conjure up. So let’s quickly build the prompt for this one.

“I want a breathtaking tattoo design featuring a hyper-realistic gorilla portrait with piercing eyes and intimidating presence. The gorilla portrait should be depicted with high contrast and intricate details, with the full and textured antlers being a crucial part of the composition. The background of the tattoo should be filled with a vintage-styled realistic roses, each petal and stem ridiculously rendered for a truly breathtaking display. The colors of the roses should be chosen to reflect the darker and vintage use. This tattoo should be a masterpiece, the keyword of realism, brought to life by the talented hand of two artists, Julian Serbert and again referencing specific artists in your prompts brings out that specific style of that artist. It is an awesome way to get extra detail that you are after.


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