From an AI Los Alamos to the first quasi-realistic AI avatar & and from spies at AGI labs to 'AI consciousness' in 2 years, this was a week of underrated revelations and discussions of AI consciousness, regret over ChatGPT’s precipitous release, and more. We’ll see snippets of the debate with George Hotz and Connor Leahy, touching on the three borderline unanswerable questions for our future, and cover an insight from Jan Leike, head of alignment at OpenAI, who did a 3 hour interview with 80,000 hours.
I’ll also showcase Palantir’s plans for an AI arms race, and how GPT 5 and Gemini will be recruited for cyber defence. AI Avatar from HeyGen:
Dario Amodei Interview on Dwarkesh Patel Lunar Society Podcast:
Wired Anthropic Piece:
White House Announcement:
Sam Altman Bankless Interview:
Supermarket Chlorine Gas:
Palantir CEO NYT:
Christiano Argument Against Yudkowsky’s List of Lethalities:
George Hotz, Connor Leahy Debate, Machine Learning Street Talk:
Hogarth Island Article:
Los Alamos:
Jan Leike Interview, 80,000 Hours:
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