ChatGPT Lessons: Train ChatGPT On Your Data (Easy Method)

Hi, Jason here. In this video, I’m going to show you how you can train ChatGPT on your own company’s data. The data can actually be in any form, so you can use PDFs, Word documents, even YouTube videos—basically, anything you’ve ever created in terms of a document or a video or an audio. We can put it into ChatGPT, have ChatGPT learn all about our business and all the information that we give it, and then use that to create a chatbot. We can interact with the chatbot ourselves, have our company employees interact with it to learn, or we can put it on our website to act as a live chat support agent. This is a really important video, and you’ve got to watch this till the end because I’ve done an awful lot of research on this, and you can code this. There is a way to actually build this using code and databases and all of that complicated stuff, but I found a much easier solution.

But first of all, let me show you the previous video solution that I did for this and why it works to a degree but not to the degree that you will want. So the first thing I did in the last video to train ChatGPT was to get you to take content from your website or any other piece of content—it could be from a Google Doc or whatever. You can copy the content, then paste that into ChatGPT, and then you can say, “Create me this” or “Create me that” from that content. I’ll just give an example right now: “Create a social media post about the content above that I can send out on Facebook to promote my website, Fast Funnels.” Okay, so there we go. That’s how you can use existing content to do stuff with.

Now, we can take it to a whole new level by using this software that I found, and I’ve tried a whole bunch of these, and a lot of them, I think they were too early, and they’re not quite there yet. There’s a lot of bugs and faults. I think some of them are very expensive, but this one I tried, and there’s a link underneath this video. It’s called CustomGPT.ai. Now, I think the paid plan is about $49. I can’t… I’m going to bring it up, actually, let me just see if we can just get that up because I want to show you exactly how much it costs, but you’ve got to see this. Custom GPT AI, CustomGPT.ai, and then we’ll just get their site up and go straight to pricing just so we know. Yeah, $49 a month for three chatbots, a thousand pages, 10 million words of content, and 500 queries a month. So that’s the pricing. It’s really not an expensive product for what it does and what it can do for you.

So, I’ve, out of a trial, if you like, I decided to see if I could make a chatbot on all of the information contained on my website, which is fastfunnels.com. Here, this is a website and funnel builder, so there’s a lot of information, a lot of pages on my site. In fact, if I click on the sitemap, we can see there’s all these pages here. Now, with Custom GPT, you can submit a sitemap from your website, and then it will just spider the entire lot over a period of time, not crazy quick, so it doesn’t blast your site with tons of queries, grabbing all the content and everything. But, like over an hour, it’ll go through the whole lot. I did three pages’ worth here. Look at all these pages that it’s grabbed the content from. And once it’s done that, we can then use a chatbot here. This is like the chatbot built within the site for the moment for you to kind of test it, and you’re able to go and add in other things, like the actual questions that you want to have preset. Like, I’ve put, “How much does Fast Funnels cost?” “Do you have any templates?” Standard questions that your customers will probably be asking, and then they can just click a button to ask it instead of typing it out. You can choose how your chatbot looks. You can upload a photo of yourself. You can change the background image here, and then you’ve got settings right there where you can choose: does the bot work from just your data, so your content, or does it work from your content plus the help of ChatGPT? And it’s using GPT-4 as well, so it’s using the best model, so you’re getting really good responses. You can choose your chatbot language from all of these. There’s an absolute load of them there as well. And then you’ve got your conversational settings and then your user experience right here.

So, this is now working off all the data that it’s managed to get from scouring my website’s sitemap, and I can type in things like, well, let’s just do one of these that’s right here. I’ve just clicked on that. “How much does Fast Funnels cost?” And then it says, “Hang in there, I’m thinking.” And then it starts, “From just $29 per month.” And the person who’s typing that out can also click this little button here to see where it got that information from. And it’s got it from some of the blog posts, actually. And then, if we go back to here, new conversation, we can ask it other things. Let’s click on one of the preset ones there as well. “Do you have any templates?” I’ve never pressed this, so I have no idea what it’s going to say, but we do have templates. We’ve got hundreds of templates. There we go, so yes, there are numerous templates available for various purposes, such as lead generation, sales, online stores, and more. You can choose from these templates and customize them to match your actual brand. Additionally, there are pre-built email templates that you can use for your email marketing campaign. So that is exactly right, and I would be more than happy—it’s showing again all the sources of where it got this from—I’m more than happy to have that displayed on my site to help a customer. So that works really, really well.

So that’s how you can do that, but what I really was impressed about with this, yes, you can spider your entire website, but maybe you’ve got, like, I say, got a ton of PDFs or documents that you have on your local computer that you want it to be able to use. So, if we go, I think it’s the settings here, and data, there we are. I’ve added a sitemap. You can see the sitemap that I’ve added there. Also, here, you’ve got the “Upload Files” and this is what I love. So, you can upload a crazy amount of files, PDFs, docs, even zips. Maximum file size is 20 megabytes, and then the total batch size is one gig. So, you can literally drop 50 files in there at once, and it will go through the whole lot and put them into that central informational database that allows the chatbot to work from. Then data retention, it was saying there about privacy and security, “Keep for viewing in results” or “Delete immediately after processing.” So, in other words, you can upload into this central database and then just remove it from this dashboard so you can’t see it all. And it’s just worked very, very effectively.

But, for me, one of the most impressive things about this is the amount of data that you can put in from different sources. But also, when I asked the founder about putting YouTube videos in, he said that that’s absolutely possible. So, I tried it, and if it’s not… Obviously, it’s not in your sitemap, and at the moment, you can’t drag and drop one in. So, here, we can upload files, but we can’t paste in a URL of a YouTube video or something. So, he gave me a link to a free sitemap generator, which is right here, and I’ll put a link to this underneath as well for you. And I just dropped in three of my YouTube videos just here. Let’s go and have a look at the actual video, so you can see it’s this genuine YouTube video link. This one, I think, is about ChatGPT becomes your teacher. Let’s just skip that. So, it’s talking all about how you can use ChatGPT to learn from. So, I decided to drop that into this sitemap, and some others. So, now, technically speaking, the entire transcript from that video—all of that useful content that I put out—is now available in the chatbot here because I uploaded it to the sitemap. I added the sitemap here, you can see it just there. There’s the sitemap, and then I just said “Save,” and then before you know it, if we go to “Pages,” there are the three YouTube videos, you can see. And the status of which it’s been crawled and indexed. So, this has got so many uses.

Let’s try out the actual chatbot in a site, and I’ll show you what you can do with it. So, if we go to “Chatbot” and “Sharing,” here we go. So, you’ve got a link there now that you could send to anyone, like a member of staff or something, that they could then just use the chatbot on its own. So, they don’t have to be on a particular page somewhere on a site or anything. They can just click on that and then interact with the chatbot, asking questions. Then we can embed it into our website, and you can see you can choose the width and the height and everything of the box that goes into the page. And then, we can have a live chat on our site. And I’m going to try this one out. Also, they have an API as well, so you can literally have an API key and interact with the chatbot, which could be very useful if you’ve got other systems that you work with. But we’re going to just take this. We’ll take this code, and I’m going to try and drop this onto a page here on my site on Fast Funnels, and we’ll go to my settings. I would go to “Custom Code” in this instance. I’ll go to the “Page Head Markup,” and then I’ll just paste in this code just there. There’s their codes that they use. I’ll click “Save,” and then if I go and preview this page, in theory, fingers crossed, there should be a little chat. There it is, and there’s the little guy. And if I click on him right now, let’s just get rid of the Facebook chat for a moment. There we go. So, there’s this is how our chatbot looks, and then I can type in there if I want to. And then I can also pick from these pre-made questions like we showed earlier. So, let’s just ask something that is totally not one of these questions about the platform, and I’ll say… I’ll just say something silly that’s very easy and obvious just for the demonstration here. “Can you create a sales funnel with Fast Funnels?” Here we go. Let’s test that out. “Hang in there, I’m thinking.” We’ll get rid of all these little bits and bobs we’ve got, QuillBot all over the place. I don’t know if I can get rid of it very easily. There we go. “Yes, you can create a sales funnel with Fast Funnels. It offers a simple drag and drop interface and hundreds of templates to help you build and optimize your digital product sales funnel. Here, I’ll drag it in a bit. Provide some tools, training, and support for both beginners and experienced marketers to succeed in building sales funnels.” So, I’m really happy with that answer. You know, it couldn’t have done better. And then it tells you all the different… the different sources on my site that it’s come from. It’s come from the main page there and some of my blog posts, actually.

But I’ve got complete control over where the data comes from, remember. So, if I just say… I’ll just say another question here, “How much do all the pricing plans cost?” Let’s try that out. We’ll see how well it’s digested all the information because it would have gone over the pricing page too. So, here are the pricing plans for the various platforms mentioned in context. Okay, what it’s done here, it’s used the blog posts which perhaps I wouldn’t normally index, to be honest with you, because it’s talking about other platforms that I’ve mentioned within those blog posts, like ClickFunnels, Kartra, Teachable, basically every other platform you can think of except Fast Funnels so far. So, I definitely would be careful as to what… what information you put into your chatbot because obviously if you’re using this for a customer-facing thing, oh finally it’s done. Fast Funnels, there we go. So, I wouldn’t include the blog posts, or I would omit those blog posts from the sitemap when I put it in so that it gave the best answer for my customers, which would just be to give the answer of the Fast Funnels pricing, obviously, and not all the rest, although of course, we are cheaper than all the rest, so it’s probably not a bad thing, I suppose, in terms of contrasting our prices together.

But that that is a really, really useful tool, and I think so many people have been looking to train ChatGPT on all their own data. But when push came to shove until very recently, it would have meant, you know, hiring coders, doing, you know, database work, all of that complicated stuff. This took me, like, well, it took me minutes to set up, and then it just took a little while for this system to go and scour all of my pages that I just dropped in the sitemap without checking what was on it. I let it do its business. So, you think when you’re uploading, like maybe you’ve got like an online course and you want to upload all of the content from that course and just make the chatbot available to your members of the course, which is something I’m going to be doing too, then this is going to be gold. I mean, you’re going to be able to charge extra for things because they’re going to be able to interact with that chatbot to find out any information about anything you’ve ever said within the training and the course.

So, from an educational point of view, this is going to be brilliant, and I only see this getting better. This is still a fairly early days platform, I can see. However, it is really good. I got very fast support when I asked a question. And then you can see you can click “Create Different Projects.” So that was Fast Funnels. I could do a new one now, “Chat GPT School,” so that is https://chatgptschool.com. This is an online course. And then I’ll just put in my sitemap, dot XML, and then call it Chat GPT School, and then we’ll click “Create Project.” So now, there’s your dashboard straight away, and then what we’ll do is we’ll go to view the pages. There you go. So, it’s queuing up the testimonials, terms, privacy, and the main domain. There aren’t many pages on this because it really is just a sales funnel. And then I would say, definitely within about half an hour to an hour, all of these would have been crawled. And then again, we go to our chatbot, and when it’s ready, you’ll be able to just start creating your customized chatbot that will have read all those pages, understand it, and then be able to interact with anyone who uses that chatbot. So, this is by far the most simple way that I found to be able to create this interactive chatbot with all of your own data, not have ChatGPT come in and mess things up, and have people be able to go off down rabbit holes that are nothing to do with your data or your business.

So, really important. If you found this useful, please do like and subscribe. And if you’re into ChatGPT, AI automation, then you’ve got to come and check out this free group that I’ve set up. We’ve got now a 4,300 members. There are always people online, and they’re really good at posting up-to-date information. It’s like we’ve got 4,000 odd eyes out there in the AI world who are just constantly saying, “Hey, have you seen this? Have you seen that? Have you seen this other new software? Have you seen this other new ChatGPT feature, whatever?” And it’s all coming in here. So, it’s a great place to go for a daily check-in and just to see what’s going on in the world of AI. And you can find the link to this underneath the video. And for Custom Chat, or sorry, CustomGPT.ai, there’s a link underneath this video as well if you want to try it out. And I think you’ll find, as I have, that it’s very, very good, works well, simple to use, and is very reliable. So that’s it for this video. Thanks very much. I hope it’s helped you to train ChatGPT on your own data, and I’ll see you in the next video in just a minute.

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