Learn AI: Top 3 Ai Design Tools

Let me share with you three different design tools in the world of AI, and you could combine these three and get really mind-blowing results. The first one is Midjourney.

Mid-journey: A lot of people already use this one. If you don’t know what it is, it basically turns any text that you give it into an image. So, it creates images from text. I have a complete tutorial that I’ll link below that you could watch to see how I do this. But basically, inside of Discord, this is where Mid-journey takes place. I give it a prompt. So, this is the prompt I give it:

“So, all you have to do in the chatbot is type in ‘Imagine,’ and then you could type in your prompt. So, my prompt was: ‘Woman portrait Ultra photorealistic cinematic looking at the camera in 8k with a telephoto lens.’ And this is kind of a stylized setting that it gives it right after. And this is the four different versions it gave me. So, I’m gonna go ahead and up-res this one for upris… Basically, able to download one of these. I’ll press this one here, and I’ll go ahead and download this image. This is our first step into this three-step process. Now, Photoshop.

I’ll go ahead and right-click and save this image. Our next tool is going to be Photoshop, but Photoshop now has AI. So, you could make edits to a photo with just text. I’m going to show you how that works right here. And you could download Photoshop. I’ll have a link in the description to the latest version. The version I’m showing you is in beta, but it’s available to anyone through that link. So, here’s my image inside of generative fill Photoshop, and look what I could do here.

First, I could press ‘C’; that’s the crop tool, and I could actually make this a bigger image like this right there. There’s nothing here; there’s no information here. Mid-journey didn’t create the information, but look what I could do. I’m going to choose the selection tool, the quick selection tool. I’m going to select this area here, and then I’m going to click generative fill. This is the beta version of Photoshop that lets you do this, and you could describe what you want to happen. But in this case, I just wanted to fill out the rest of this picture to make it a bigger picture. So, I’m going to press ‘generate.’ I’m not going to click anything else or type in anything else, and just like that, I filled in the rest of the image for me. And you also have different options. Typically, it gives you three different options that you choose from, and you could generate new ones if you don’t like what it did. But this information just didn’t exist before. Right, I did not create that; it wasn’t in the original photo. Photoshop AI just figured out what to put in this empty section.

Okay, now I’m going to save this and take it to the third app that I’m going to show you. I’m going to go to File, and I’m going to go ahead and export this as a PNG. And this, Layer Picks, is the third tool that I’m going to show you. It’s called Layer Picks, and this is now going to take that image that we created and edited into life and into a video. I just have to press upload. I’ll upload that PNG picture, and look at this. I haven’t done anything yet, by the way. And Layer Picks is actually totally free and it’s bringing this image to life. And I have a ton of different settings, so I could make this a shorter animation, for example, that moves a lot faster. I could change the amount of motion here to be a lot more of the motion. The animation style right now, I have it set to perspective, so it’s kind of moving in and out, but he separated the foreground, background, and all I have to do now is press ‘share,’ and then I could go ahead and save this as an mp4, and I could post it to my favorite social media platforms online.

My team and I are also putting together an entire learning platform for AI, a Netflix-style learning platform with videos, tutorials, courses, download resources, basically everything you need to master AI, not just in creativity and design but also productivity and a lot more in an all-in-one bundle. I’ll put a link in the description to that if you want to learn more. I hope you found this video useful, and I’ll see you next time.

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