How to Use Bing AI App – ChatGPT Powered Search Engine

Microsoft is being completely overhauled. Their app for iPhone and Android now has AI built into it, the power of Chad GPT. So Bing has been around for many years, right? It’s a search engine from Microsoft. Not many people use it though. So what Microsoft did is they bought a portion of OpenAI, the company that makes Chat GPT, and they bundled this new Bing with AI. It has the latest Chat GPT basically in there, and it’s basically being powered by Chad GPT. Let me show you exactly how it works. I think you’re going to find it really, really useful.

So search on your phone. This is in the App Store, and you could get it on Android and you could get it on the Edge browser as well. But search for Bing. It’s called “Bing: Your AI Copilot” and download and open it. So here inside of Bing, you typically land on the homepage, and you have some little apps here that come by default, and you have the search bar right on top. So here you could search for things, search the internet, type in a website URL. There are some new two things here too, like for example, you have a “Deals” tab where you could shop using Bing right here. All your tabs show up over here once you’ve browsed the internet, and you also have these little apps that show up, and you could pin them. So if you wanted to check the stock market, for example, they have these little apps for them to make it really easy.

But right in the center, this is what I want to show you. This is the new Bing right here, and it’s basically your AI copilot, that’s what they call it. It could help you browse the web, it could help you make content, it could actually plan things for you, it could summarize things for you. And what’s really cool about this is it has a conversational style. So unlike the other platforms that do this kind of thing, you could actually choose how you want it to write for you. So you could choose more balanced, creative, or more precise. Then this is your chatbot. So this is where you could ask it anything, and it will respond. It also has a microphone, so you could actually ask it anything using a microphone.

Now, two big things I want to point out before I show you how Bing works. So Bing, unlike Chat GPT, actually has web access. It’s going to actually find stuff on the internet, and it will give you resources where you got that information from, so you could jump right in. So let me show you how that works. So right here, it’s going to give you some ideas too if you don’t know what you want. But right now, I want to help get a budget. Help me make a budget, so I’m going to search for that. I’m going to press send, and it’s going to ask me a question. Basically, it’s going to do a search here from the web, but instead of giving me a bunch of web results like Google or Bing used to do, what it’s going to give me is a conversational answer. Basically, what it did is gave me a nice summary that I could read in a conversational format, and it gave me where it got that information from. So if I wanted to go to any one of those websites right on the same page, it’s going to let me go to those websites where I could read a little bit more. Very useful. This is something Chat GPT, for example, doesn’t do because it doesn’t have web access.

So you could see right here also it says one out of 20. It’s going to remember the last 20 things that you were going to ask it. So every time you’re done with this conversation, you could clear it so you get a fresh set of 20, and it will refer back to the information it’s been giving you to continue the conversation. So here I’m going to say, “Create me a budget with placeholders.” And now if I search for that, basically, it’s going to take what it just gave me, and then it’s going to create a budget table for me that I could copy and paste and put in my own numbers. By the way, you see this “Stop Responding Anytime.” If it’s going in the wrong direction, you could just stop it right there so you could do your next prompt. But just like that, it gave me this table basically that I could copy and paste right here. Right on top, it has a copy option, it has a share option. I could give it a thumbs up if I want. Very useful. And again, every time it’s going to give me a resource, and what’s really cool is it’s going to give me follow-up questions. So sometimes I’m not sure what to ask next about this topic.

So based on the conversation you’ve had so far, again, two questions out of 20 in this thought, I could ask it another one. I said, “How do I fill out the budget table?” Because maybe I’m not sure what to put there. And then it’s going to go ahead and again do a search, find the answer relevant to what it just gave me, and then I could continue the conversation from there. Anytime I want to refresh, again, I’m going to go ahead and clean this chat. It’s going to give me a brand new chat box right here so I could start again. I could change my conversational style anytime. I could also go back to the regular Bing and do a search from the home page. So if you do a search from here, it also lets you access the AI chatbot right from here. Right, so if you are to click right over here to do a search, the chatbox appears right over here, bringing you back with the same exact thing you just searched right on top. So it’s going to put it over here, respond exactly this way, and you could continue your conversation this way and basically jump back and forth between regular search here and the regular Bing app and the one that is AI powered, just like this one. That’s your crash course into the Bing AI powered app. I hope you found it useful, and I’ll see you next time.

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