Download The AI Copilot To Update Your CRM via Text and Voice: Use Code: "TALENT3" For 3 Months FREE: Thanks to Hints for sponsoring this video. Visiting our sponsors helps us keep this channel going! Thanks a lot for your support! Today We're going to cover a lot of ChatGPT AI News! From Chagpt tricks, hacks, and hints to more AI tools your can use in your business. AI automation you can use to be more effective and productive. we got it all today folks, enjoy! 00:00 – Start
00:22 – ChatGPT BOT
01:55 – ChatGPT Test
03:18 – Prompt Engineering Help
05:02 –
06:06 – FREE Photoshop AI
07:32 – AI mind reading
09:21 – /r/ChatGPT
11:33 – Age 0 to 1M AI
12:57 – AI drug discovery
15:25 – Midjourney Feature NEW
16:52 – Steam vs AI —–
SOURCES: 1- Reading your mind with AI 2- Quicker Cures with AI 3- 4- Steam banning AI Games 5- AI Telemarketers 6- New AI Benchmarks 7- 5 Promt Engineering mastery tips 8- Reddit ChatGPT 9- Aging From 1 to 1M 10- Midjourney Pan Feature ——
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