Learn ChatGPT – How to Get ChatGPT 4 for Free with New Bing AI

You could now get Chat GPT-4 completely for free inside of Bing Microsoft. Partnered with the company that makes Chat GPT-4, they basically created Bing AI, a new version of Bing that is AI-powered using the latest version of Chat GPT. It’s totally free; you don’t have to pay for anything. All you have to do is go to bing.com/new, that’s the URL right now that’s available for that, and then just click “Chat Now.” The only thing is you have to use Microsoft Edge, that’s the browser that you have to download. So it’s going to ask you to download it, and it’s not just for Windows; you could get it on Mac, and they have an iOS and Android version of it too. Then you just press “Chat Now,” and it will launch basically this new version of Bing where you could ask it any type of question that you want.

So let me walk you through exactly how this works. The first thing you typically want to do is you want to choose a conversational style. Right now, “More Balanced” is the default, but you have “More Creative” and “More Precise” as options. Then, right over here, you could ask it any question that you want. So, I’m going to come up here and type any question like “Create me a budget.” And then, unlike Chat GPT, it basically turns it into a search-based question, but it still answers you in the chat format. So you still get a nice chat format. It’s going to kind of give you an outline. If you’ve used Chat GPT, this is going to look familiar to you. And then, you can ask a follow-up question, but the cool thing is, it gives you ideas on what to ask to follow up this conversation. And it remembers up to 20 different prompts and conversations you’ve had in this format, so you could refer back to an earlier prompt anytime. If you decide you’re done with this conversation, instead of continuing, you should click “New Topic” right here, and this icon basically refreshes this page and creates a new prompt right here that you could start with. So, if I press this, I’m going to start brand new without anything from before.

If I scroll down, by the way, it brings me to just a regular Microsoft Bing here, where I could ask anything, the typical search engine that you may have used. This is again similar to Google. And then, anytime, I could click this icon over here too and open this version of it too right on the side, which is a chat option over here just like I showed you. But it also has a compose option. The compose option is really cool because it can actually draft entire blog posts, emails, paragraphs. You could see I’ve already done one here, and you could decide how long you want it. So this one was a medium blog post that he wrote for me that I could just copy from here and post to my website. So really, really useful option over here. And then, I’m going to go ahead and close this.

Anytime, you could scroll back up here. If you see over here, I have “Search” and now I have the AI chat, and I could go between the two anytime I want. So the chatbot is up here, and if you’re not sure exactly what to ask it, you could start with any type of a prompt, and then it’s going to give you those different options. So if I wanted to ask it something like, “Can you help me start a business?” It’s going to do a quick search, it’s going to give me a step-by-step guide on what to do, and typically with other chatbots like Chat GPT, a lot of times I don’t know how to follow up. So one of the things I like about Bing is the ability to get options for a follow-up question. So maybe I could just click a follow-up rather than think of what I’m going to say next to learn more about this topic. And it also gives you references because it has live access to the internet, something Chat GPT does not have. So I could click any of these links here to learn more about any of those specific websites and more information on those websites too. So, it’s kind of blending the AI chatbot that maybe you’re familiar with with Chat GPT with the power of live web search. So that is something really unique that Bing right now has that most AI chatbots do not have. So I recommend you check it out for yourself. And if you want to test it out for your iPhone or Android, I recently made a video about that as well that I’ll link here so you can watch that next. I hope you found this useful. I’ll see you next time.

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