ChatGPT Leaked Features!

Hello viewers, welcome to a lovely Monday in our brand new AI-generated future. Now, whenever something involving Chat GPT makes the rounds in the news, it always seems to be a really big deal. I’ll be honest with you viewers, when Chat GPT was first announced, my reaction was, “Oh, this isn’t gonna be anything big, really.” You know why? It’s because I already had access to very similar technology to Chat GPT, almost the exact same models, in fact. The models that Chat GPT were based off of inside of OpenAI’s Playground Demo. And most of you viewers at home might not even know what OpenAI’s Playground Demo is. It is quite similar to Chat GPT, but you can actually manipulate the way the AI interacts quite a lot more than Chat GPT, which is why I don’t really understand jailbreaking Chat GPT all that much. Because it’s a lot easier to quote-unquote jailbreak Chat GPT inside of OpenAI’s little Playground Demo.

At any rate, of course, I was wrong. Chat GPT is the most popular form of AI out there. Chat GPT is mainstream, everybody knows about it. The reason it became so popular is because it is so easy to use and it just makes sense. And of course, Chat GPT is a pretty personal thing. However, this seems like it’s going to be changing soon based on some rumors and also a screenshot. Now, the same person who is bringing us these rumors of these brand-new Chat GPT features is the same person who actually brought rumors about the Chat Sharing Chat GPT feature. Apparently, he brought those rumors on the sharing feature a week before they happened, so he was completely accurate on those, and we literally have a screenshot.

So, this feature, it makes sense. It makes sense that it’s coming. So, all of this information is being brought to us today courtesy of The Rundown AI, which is a really great newsletter. I follow them on Twitter, but they also have this website here. It’s run by Rowan Chong, and he is a fantastic AI guy. What’s really funny is I wouldn’t have access to the direct source because, funny enough, I’m not a part of the Reddit channel. I don’t really use Reddit that much personally, but now it’s a private community, so I’m not allowed to join it and find direct info. Anyways, what’s great is Rowan Chong is actually just giving us all the same information that was found on Reddit.

OpenAI appears to be gearing up for another larger update to Chat GPT, so this isn’t going to be something small like the little Bing tweak to the AI searching function or even the sharing function where you can share Chat GPT prompts. This is possibly a highly anticipated business version of Chat GPT. You know, it is really funny because Chat GPT is useful in, like, all aspects of life. So, it’s useful at home, where I’ve been asking it, for example, about settings on this brand-new camera I purchased. And instead of reading through the owner’s manual, that thing’s able to just give me step-by-step guides on how to change very specific settings. It’s funny because a lot of businesses are now getting into Chat GPT because, of course, their profit-first. They want to make money. And other businesses, while they’re using Chat GPT, just to stay competitive, they have to implement their own AI. It depends on the business, though. As you can see, just from a simple Google search, there are a bunch of very large companies that are just telling their employees, “You’re not allowed to use Chat GPT” because they don’t want Chat GPT, aka OpenAI and Microsoft, to have authorized access to their sensitive information. Let’s see if Google’s BART can give us a nice little snippet of this. “Amazon has reminded its employees that Chat GPT is not authorized to access or store sensitive information. Any such use would be a violation of company policy. Amazon has also warned employees against sharing confidential company information with Chat GPT. The company cited instances in which the chatbot’s responses looked similar to internal data.” Yeah, as the story goes, Amazon employees, this was like right when Chat GPT was announced by the way and released, they were like 10xing their coding abilities in a matter of hours by using Chat GPT. And the code that Chat GPT was outputting looked very similar to some of that internal Amazon code, which of course is very confidential and sensitive. They don’t want OpenAI having access. But other companies like JPMorgan Chase, Verizon, Accenture have taken similar steps to limit the use of Chat GPT over concerns about confidential information.

But here is why this leak about an anticipated business version of Chat GPT is so important. It’s possible that OpenAI might be developing a business version of Chat GPT that absolutely would not be snagging and stealing and utilizing and retraining on company data. It’s unclear whether companies would still trust OpenAI even if they say, “Hey, you know, your data is secure. We’re not using your data at all. Chat GPT isn’t absorbing it.” But I mean, if they could build that trust with companies, it could become a huge enterprise for OpenAI to sell this business pro version of Chat GPT with all these features meant specifically for enhancing your business. I could see a future in which you couldn’t even run a business that was successful without Chat GPT because that’s how much more competitive your business is by utilizing this AI tech.

Anyways, I won’t hold back any of this other information from you guys. Yes, this Reddit user came across a new Chat GPT interface while digging into the source code of Chat GPT, which is the same exact way they uncovered the original Chat Sharing feature a week before its release. So yeah, the leaked screenshot showcases workspaces, which allows users to create profiles that Chat GPT can readily remember. So, this is a little bit more fine-tuning that you can do to the Chat GPT model, and we’ll get into that, and I’ll show you guys a little demo. And this also seems to hint at very specific file uploads.

So, taking a nice close-up look at this screenshot, we could see up at the top, it says “Untitled workspace”. So, when you think workspace, you think business. And this does look a little bit more like a business version layout, not something that you would necessarily use for personal use. Maybe it kind of reminds me of the Outlook Microsoft 365 stuff. And you can see there’s actually an email at the bottom. So maybe this is your Microsoft email because, as you guys know, Microsoft and OpenAI are very, very closely partnered. So viewers, on the right-hand side here, you can see “My files” and “My profile”, and those are our two new options here on the side. We’ll start off with “My files”. Obviously, they have a little test PDF that’s been uploaded inside of Chat GPT. You can see it’s like an uploading file thing where you just click the button, drag the file in. If you guys remember back to Code Interpreter, which is an extremely exclusive Chat GPT feature, PDFs were the main thing you could upload, but it wasn’t just limited to PDFs. So, we’ll have to see what kind of different files can be uploaded into Chat GPT. And it makes me think, you have to wonder, was Code Interpreter just like a little beta test for a more extensive business version of Chat GPT? It is very, very much possible because most of what Code Interpreter was able to do truthfully was business-focused stuff, mostly data analytics, which is pretty much useful in every business case.

Anyways, we’re moving now onto “My profile”. So, it seems like they are trying to add different profile features into Chat GPT specifically. It says, “Add any information that you’d like Chat GPT to remember about you and your preferences.” So, this could be anything. You just type it in, and the AI interprets it. I’m going to give a demo of an extremely similar feature, and I think it’s almost a direct implementation that OpenAI has inside of their Playground Demo. And again, guys, that Playground Demo is the same thing that I mentioned earlier in the opening of the video. How it works essentially would be, let’s pretend, Chat GPT, that you are a coding master, you know everything about coding. Or this could even be where you’re implementing your sensitive information. I could even envision a future in which companies actually devise their own Chat GPT prompts for you to upload in all of these specific workspaces. So, it’s like, “Oh, the marketing team has their own specific profile that they work on, and the coding team has their own specific profile with these specific Chat GPT preference settings that literally just come in the form of a few paragraphs.” So, these work a little bit deeper than a prompt necessarily. So, it’s like a pre-prompt, you could think of.

Anyways, this is all really exciting. I love to see leaked screenshots like this. So awesome. So, we’ll have to see if these features are a part of OpenAI’s apparent plan to introduce a business variant of Chat GPT. I actually did not know that they had a plan to introduce this business version. Oh, and it looks like they’re a little bit behind on this business version, loose promises, OpenAI. Loose promises. You wanted this by April 2023. It is now June. Additionally, a rollout of new privacy measures was discussed with the new business version of Chat GPT no longer employing user data to train models.

Okay, yeah, so my prediction that I was speaking about earlier in the video seems to be quite correct. Very exciting. Anyways, viewers, this is OpenAI’s Playground Demo. As you can see, this is quite a lot more advanced than Chat GPT, but it works in a pretty similar way. You can save presets, you can type prompts in, and essentially use this as a text box. We’ve got settings like temperature, maximum length, top P, frequency penalty, presence penalty. I’ve actually done a video in the past going through all these settings. Maybe I’d have to make a new one at some point. But anyways, if we go to the chat mode, this uses the chat variants of OpenAI’s language models, specifically, obviously, GPT-4, their best model at the moment. You have over here on the left-hand side a system prompt, and this guides Chat GPT a little bit more than a prompt would. And again, guys, this is reminding me exactly of this little profile section here where instead of being a profile specifically, this is the system prompt. It works on a deeper level. So, I could say something like, “You only speak in whale sounds and you say hello,” and it might just give us whale sounds. There we go, very funny, GPT-4 whale sound, okay, with like a whole emoji that it tried to create. I think that’s supposed to be a little whale. That is the last output that I was expecting out of GPT-4. But anyways, you could see how manipulatable this is. And obviously, this is our chat. This is mine. I could even set this to a user prompt, for example, inside of this OpenAI Playground Demo. It’s really cool, almost in a more advanced version of Chat GPT in a lot of ways. I recommend you guys give the Playground a shot. But you know, in a business use case, it could be here’s all the company information about our tractors or whatever. Like if you’re a tractor company, I don’t know, giving like the prices and all the descriptions of all the stuff. Maybe, I don’t know, all the information could be in there in that little system prompt.

And I actually use this to create a little mid-journey bot that creates and generates really good mid-journey prompts by putting all that mid-journey information inside of the system prompt. Could be very similar to this. Anyways, viewers, that’s your little Chat GPT update news blurb of the day. I know it’s a shorter video, but I thought it’d be exciting to take a look at this new Chat GPT rumor because it’s quite a big one. I would love to see these features implemented inside of Chat GPT. And I don’t know if they release a business version, I feel like I’m obligated to test it out. But I’m not sure how expensive that would be. I imagine like Chat GPT for Enterprise would be like these expensive yearly plans for a number of seats on this Chat GPT web interface. I don’t know, let me know what you guys think down in the comments below. To be honest, I feel like that system prompt thing should already be a feature inside of Chat GPT Plus because the more manipulability you have over these AI models, usually the better you can get them to react for your specific use cases, especially if you’re not really chatting with it and using it more like a tool, which I do like 50% of the time at least. Thanks for watching. I’ll see you guys in the next one. Goodbye.

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