ChatGPT for Beginners – Explained in 90 Seconds

I just found the most powerful website of all time. Let me show you how it works. You could just look up “Chat GPT,” and you could come on this website. It’s totally free to use, it’s open-source, and it’s an AI platform where you could just type things in right here in this box, and it will give you a result. Here, you could ask it all kinds of questions. Check this out, explain AI to me like um5 in two paragraphs.

Now, this is just going to take a second to think. It doesn’t have access to the internet. It’s actually AI; it’s not basically browsing the web and giving you something someone else wrote. This is completely original text here, and it’s typing out here in real-time based on the question I asked it. Now, this has a lot more powerful use case. Let me show you two more.

Here, I just paid a lawyer to do this. Check this out, write me a privacy policy for my website. I’m going to press enter. Look at this, this is going to put it in the exact format of a privacy policy that you typically would have if you own a website, and you just have to basically fill in the blanks here. So, it doesn’t know your website name. I only asked a one-sentence question. I just have to fill this in, and it’s going to fill out the rest for me. This entire privacy policy, I could just go ahead and grab it from here and copy and paste it and add it to my site.

Now, one more thing here, I’ll show you, recap the movie Matrix in two paragraphs. And this could do it with movies, you could do it with books, you could take transcripts from entire videos. For example, give it a 30-minute transcript, and it could give you a bullet-point recap. It’s really, really powerful. Give it a try, it’s totally free to use. Let me know what you think.

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