ChatGPT Content Marketing Use Cases

Hi Jason, here, and in this video, I am going to show you how you can use ChatGPT to start creating content for your business if you’re an online marketer. You’re trying to market yourself or your business online; this is going to be a super useful video for you, and, in fact, specifically, I’m going to give you six things that you can do with this. I’ve been playing around with it now for probably the last two weeks, and it is crazy. It’s crazy, and it’s free at the time of doing this video. It’s free, it’s open, and it’s in beta. I don’t think it will be for too much longer; it’s going to be costing them a fortune in computing power because now there are millions of people signing up to this and using it, but not everyone’s a marketer. So how does it apply to you as someone who has to create content? You know, maybe you’re an online course seller, you’re selling your own digital services, you’re a coach, consultant, whatever it is, and you’re doing this stuff yourself; you’re the one who has to come up with all of the content for your business. Then, this is just going to save you so much time; it’s going to turn you into a superpower.

So, let’s begin with the first thing that I think this is really useful for, for creating for your own business, and that is a lead magnet. You know, I’m a big advocate of using lead magnets to grow your email list, and it’s actually pretty easy to actually create. Now, you can use someone on Fiverr, sure, but for the purpose of this video, I’m going to show you how Chat GPT can really help you. But here’s the first thing that I’m going to ask it: is I’m going to ask it whether or not it even knows what a lead magnet is. So, I’ve got basically speech-to-text on my Mac, so I can do it even quicker than typing it out. So, let’s just go ahead and ask it that very first question: “Do you understand what a lead magnet is?”

All right, there’s our question. Let’s just give it a second, and it will just have a little think about that. When I first started using this, it was really, really fast; it slowed down a little bit, still incredible, but it slowed down a little bit from when it first launched just because of the sheer volume of people. But here we go; here’s its explanation of what a lead magnet is: “A lead magnet is a tool that businesses use to attract and acquire new leads. Typically, a lead magnet is a free offer, such as a download, a trial, or a discount, designed to entice potential customers to provide their contact information, such as their name and email address. This allows businesses to build a list of leads that they can then nurture and convert into paying customers. Lead magnets are an effective way for businesses to grow their customer base and generate more sales.”

Perfect! So now, because it’s a chatbot, it actually understands what we’ve just said in the context of me asking another question. So now, I could suggest to it, for example, to create for me a checklist for a lead magnet for the health and fitness industry. So maybe I’m a fitness coach or something, and I want to provide people with the top 10 foods that you can eat to lose weight, and I’d like to create that list and get this thing to do it. So, let’s just try that out: “Can you create a checklist with 10 different foods that are excellent to eat for the purpose of weight loss and give a little bit of detail with each suggestion?”

And there we go. So, there’s my question, which is obviously… Oh, and it’s got its error. So what I would do there is, because this is, as I say, getting hammered here, I’ll just refresh it, and I can just… I’ve copied that answer now, so we can just paste that right in and just carry on. And then, hopefully, as you can see at the top, it says, “We’re experiencing exceptionally high demand,” no kidding. And by the way, at the end of this video, I am going to show you an alternative to this that is a paid tool. However, it is on a limited lifetime offer at the moment, and I’ve also been using that and testing it alongside this with the same questions and same things that I want it to do, and it is just as good. It doesn’t do it in a conversational way, but from the point of view of creating actual content and just a straightforward letter or email, whatever, it’s brilliant. So I’m going to show you that at the end, so stick around for that.

But here we go; here is our list of 10 foods that can be helpful for weight loss. Look at this: Salmon and then there’s an explanation, leafy green vegetables, avocados, nuts and seeds, Greek yogurt, beans, and legumes. These are high in protein and fiber, which make them great for weight loss. They’re also a good source of vitamins and minerals and can be used in a variety of dishes. Look at this: green tea, berries, whole grains, soup. Now, this is a fantastic list; it can be a one-page PDF list that you can use, and you literally just take this, and let’s just look how it’s wrapping this up as well. It’s fantastic. Overall, the key to successful weight loss is to focus on eating whole, unprocessed foods and to include a variety of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains and lean protein sources in your diet. This will help ensure that you’re getting the nutrients you need while also keeping your calorie intake in check.

That is fantastic! So now that we’ve got that amazing list there that we want to put into a lead magnet, now let’s go ahead and get it to kind of name the product, name the lead magnet. So what would be an enticing name for this lead magnet? Let’s just see what it comes up with. Have a little think again. Here we go; fingers crossed the server can hack it now. You see, this is what makes Chat GPT a little bit different from just a normal AI writer in that you can then go back and forward with it here. You can go back and forward to, you know, carry on the conversation, if you will, whereas normally with AI writers, of which I’ve used many to try them out, you know, it is just one way. You say something, and then it gives it. You say something else, it gives it again, but it doesn’t understand what you did previously or how it relates to what you’re saying. And here we are, look at this: “10 Foods for Effective Weight Loss: A Simple and Delicious Guide.” And then it’s given an explanation about it: “This name incorporates the key elements of the lead magnet – the fact that it provides a list of 10 foods, that these foods can help with weight loss, and that the guide is both simple and delicious. It also suggests that the guide is easy to follow, which may be appealing to potential readers.”

Come on! Is this not absolute Gold Dust here or what? I mean, it just takes time to come up with these kinds of things, and when this thing can do it so well, so well like that, it’s just going to be a huge Time Saver for you. So, there is literally no reason why you can’t be getting a ton of leads. Let me just cross that off there. There we go. So, we now have a title for our lead magnet and the actual content for the lead magnet as well. So, what else can we do? Well, what would you need in a funnel really to do this? If you were going to set up a funnel, which I recommend, our fast funnels, by the way, if you haven’t checked out fast funnels, there’s a link underneath the video; that’s my platform. You can create funnels in a breeze, really quickly and easily. But if you were to now create a funnel, you’re going to need something on that sales page that entices people to enter their name and email address to get this. So now let’s just ask if it can do that for us as well. So, can you create some sales copy that would entice people to download this free lead magnet called “10 Foods for Effective Weight Loss: A Simple and Delicious Guide”? Let’s see what it comes up with.

And this is just a total joy to use, and it’s fascinating with what it comes up with. You can also ask it to write in a certain style, too. So, if you wanted to do a friendly style or professional style, even the style of someone else’s writing, if you provide it with an example. So if you were to copy and paste a big load of text that somebody else has written, you can say, “Write in the style of that person,” and it would do it. It would do it. It’s crazy. So here you go. Here is our potential sales copy for the landing page that will entice people to download this guide. So it says, “Are you tired of trying fad diets that don’t work and leave you feeling hungry and unsatisfied? It’s time to try something different. Our guide, ’10 Foods for Effective Weight Loss: A Simple and Delicious Guide,’ will show you how to lose weight without sacrificing flavor. Inside, you’ll find a list of 10 delicious and satisfying foods that are proven to help with weight loss. From salmon to leafy green vegetables, these foods are packed with nutrients and will keep you feeling full and satisfied.” Now, I might adjust that a little bit just to remove those two there – those avocados – because that is kind of what we’re saying they need to learn about by entering their name and email, but other than that, you know, look at this. I mean, it is a fantastic basis from which you can just copy and paste. Just literally copy it. You know, here’s your funnel, and then you could literally just paste that in wherever you want in order for them to get the guide. Let’s just paste it in here for a second. And there you go, look at that. It is so quick and easy to use for the purpose of creating a lead magnet because the lead magnet doesn’t have to be massive at the end of the day; it can be one page, a checklist, anything you like. So, I’m going to call that as the lead magnet’s done.

Now, I hope you found that useful. If you did, please do like this video. The next thing I want to show you that it can do is about writing emails. So if you’ve already got a list of people and you want them to go ahead and download this guide, okay, that might be the case. Then, I can say now, “Let’s just say this: Write an email that would promote this lead magnet and encourage them to download it.” There you go, let’s just see what it says now. So, it’s going to write an email now that would encourage someone to go ahead and download this free guide. And then, of course, what you can do as well is once they have downloaded this guide, you can use Chat’s GPT to go ahead and create an ongoing leads email sequence to then go and sell your products, sell more products. So, you can just put them in, you know, an email after email after email after email sequence. Again, you can do that in fast funnels, really easy, just go to marketing, and then you go to automations, and you can just drop people right into an email sequence. Let’s just create one there and just click “Send email,” put in a subject line. And by the way, it will come up with subject lines for you. In fact, let’s try that out now. So here’s our email: “By the way, are you struggling to lose weight and keep it off? If you’re tired of fad diets and feeling hungry all the time, it’s trying time to try something different.” And then our guide, yada yada yada, “With our guide, you’ll be able to create healthy and tasty meals,” yada yada yada. And there we go, “Best regards, Your Name.” Perfect! You can just copy that, check it over, and then just sign it off with your name, and then use it to invite people to download that. So really, really useful.

And then let’s just say, “What would be five good subject lines for that email?” There we go, it’s just going to give us these brilliant subject lines now that we can use and we can try out. If you’ve got the ability to split test emails, which you have again in fast funnels, then you could easily just, you know, do two or three different versions of this and see which one gets the best open rate. So there we are, “10 Delicious Foods That Will Help You Lose Weight,” “Lose Weight Without Feeling Hungry or Deprived,” I like that. “Say Goodbye to Fad Diets and Hello to Sustainable Weight Loss,” “Satisfy Your Cravings and Reach Your Weight Loss Goals,” “A Simple and Delicious Guide to Losing Weight for Good.” So we could just literally take that right now, go over to our subject line, paste that in, put in our name and everything else, and then, um, create the email using what it has given us. And then we’ve even got templates if you’re using fast funnels. But if I was just to create, um, start from scratch, I can just drag this over here and then just go and paste in, you know, all of the text that it’s given us right here.

So it’s a fabulous tool for creating email sequences, emails, and also, um, for the purpose of doing subject lines because sometimes it’s tricky to come up with these things all by yourself. Now, uh, with regards to headlines, this is my next thing. Now, is to create headlines and sales copy. It’s brilliant for doing that too. We’ve kind of seen that with this. I would say this is effectively sales copy, so you’ve already seen that in action. And then in a way, you’ve already seen headlines in action too from the point of view of creating a name for the lead magnet. It’s a very similar thing, so you can create headlines with this. You can create a headline for anything. Let me just try something now.

Um, what should we say? Create a headline for a weight loss ebook? And then here he goes. I’ll have a little think. I say “he” goes, and it might be a woman, who knows? I might ask it in a minute. I should imagine it would give a very interesting answer. Here we go, “Lose Weight for Good: A Comprehensive Guide to Sustainable Weight Loss.” And then it tells you why it has done that. Um, it says about focusing on long-term, which makes perfect sense, and then achieving your goal, all of these different things. I love the fact that it gives a reason as to why it has come up with that particular headline. Brilliant, next.

Um, it is fantastic for creating articles and blog posts, and you can really, you can really go crazy for that. So let’s just think of one now, and I’m gonna say maybe you wanted to gain muscle, okay? So now let’s just come up with a blog post title for someone who wants to create muscle, they don’t know how. So I’ll just say, “Can you create a blog post title that teaches people how to add muscle by only using their own body weight for the exercise method?” [Question mark]

Now I might need to just change that because it misheard me and it says “but.” So now let’s just go and ask it that, “Can you create a blog post title that teaches people how to add muscle by only using their own body weight?” So I’ve added that in twice, but it’ll figure that out too because it understands, you know, when you’ve made a mistake, on most occasions. So here you go, here’s some nice titles. This would be a good one, wouldn’t it? “Five Bodyweight Exercises to Help You Build Muscle Without Weight.” That is perfect. So now I can say, “Let’s just go, could you create a blog outline for that blog post?” [Question mark]

And now let’s see what it comes up with, and what I love about it is that you can just grab any of this content just by copying it and pasting it straight in wherever you want. So this OpenAI chat does not have anywhere at the moment where you can store all of this stuff. So if you are getting great content, make sure that you copy and paste it in somewhere else while you’re doing this. So here it is, now designing our blog post on bodyweight exercises for building muscle using your own body weight. And it’s got its introduction, bodyweight squats, push-ups, lunges, and it’s just going on here planks, you know, great for your core. Unbelievable, unbelievable, this is just solid, solid content. And the thing is, is that obviously, every time somebody’s using this, it’s getting more intelligent, and there’s now millions of people using this around the world. The data that it’s using, by the way, is not connected to the internet, so Chat GPT is using all of the text that it has harvested, of which there are apparently hundreds of gigabytes of text previously harvested up until I believe June 2021. So if you go and ask anything that’s like past that date, it’s not going to be able to give you any kind of meaningful response. However, it has got clearly a heck of a lot of text because it’s able to create such high-quality information like this. So it’s recommended all of these different issues to speak about within the blog post. Now you can take any one of these, so it says here, “Briefly introduce the topic of bodyweight exercises for building muscle.” You can take this now and you can say, “Create a blog intro.” There we go, “Here’s a nice intro that briefly introduces the topic,” and so on.

So now let’s just see what it does for the introduction to this blog post. Again, I’ve misspelled “create” there, so let’s just see what it does with that. I’m very confident that it will still manage to deal with it and come up with a decent introduction. Um, here you go, “Are you tired of using weights to build muscle? While weights can be effective for increased strength and muscle mass, there are also many bodyweight exercises that can help you achieve these goals. And this post will introduce five bodyweight exercises that can help you build muscle without the need for weights or equipment.” An absolutely perfect blog post introduction for this. So, I think that demonstrates its ability to create blog posts and headlines adequately. Also, if you want to, if you’re getting not enough back, you can also ask it to, um, “Can you lengthen the above introduction?” There we go. And it might come out with some more things. Likewise, if it’s gone on too much, you can say, “Can you kind of summarize that or give it to me in a shorter sentence?” You can even ask it to write it in the form of a second grader. It will do it, write it in the way that you want. So, uh, here you go. So now it’s coming up with this similar thing, but this time a longer version of that, and it’s writing quite a bit more. So this is absolutely perfect, and that’s by using the command, if you like, “lengthen.” So if you lengthen the above introduction, I’m sure, actually, if you asked it to do a longer introduction, it would probably also do that for you too. So if you’re finding this video useful, please do like and subscribe to my channel. And then I will just go over the last couple of things which this Chat GPT is absolutely awesome for. If you are a creator and you are in the business or in your role as a course seller, coach, consultant, you have to create content, this is going to rapidly speed this up. The next thing is for creating social media posts.

So, um, let me just say now to ask it to create a social media post that would promote this blog post, um, “Can you create a social media post, perhaps for Facebook, that would promote this blog post and get people to click on the link to go and read it?” How’s that? Let’s see what it comes up with now. Very interesting. So I’ve said Facebook specifically rather than just, um, you know, any social media channel, and let’s see what it comes up with. I know I’ve used this before, and I’ve actually seen it even put in hashtags for you, which is, you know, incredible, very, very good. So here we go, “Sure, here is a potential social media post promoting the blog post on bodyweight exercises for building muscle. ‘Looking to build muscle without weights or equipment? Check out our latest blog post where we introduce five bodyweight exercises that can help you achieve your muscle-building goals. From squats and push-ups to lunges and planks, these exercises are simple to perform and can be done anywhere. Click the link to learn more and give them a try!'” Bang, how perfect is that? That’s how I could not write that better. I couldn’t write that better, you know what it’s doing is it’s calling people out, it’s got that initial attention-seeking hook, if you will, trying to catch people who are looking to build muscle without using weight, and bang, it’s got you straight there in a first sentence. It’s got your interest. So it’s done a great job of that, and then it’s even put, like, “Insert link to blog post” there as well. So this is without a doubt an incredible way to create content for social media. You can also do tweets if you ask it to create tweets as well. “Could you create five tweets to promote that blog post?” And let’s see what it comes up with this time, and I really can’t spell “create.” Every time I do it, it’s this new Mac keyboard, I swear. I just upgraded and got the little touch ID keyboard, which I love because it saves typing in your password all the time. However, it does feel a little bit different from my last one. Um, here we go, here are five potential tweets promoting the blog post on bodyweight exercises for building muscle. And there they are, they look absolutely perfect. “Want to build muscle without weights? Check out our latest blog post for five bodyweight exercises that will help you achieve your goals!” Boom, insert your link. “Sick of the same old weightlifting routine? Mix things up with these five bodyweight exercises for building muscle. Insert link to post.” Perfect. Next, next thing, the sixth thing that I think is brilliant for as well is YouTube.

Now why is it good for YouTube? Because it creates YouTube scripts for you. And again, using this example as we’re carrying on with it, and it understands what we’ve been talking about for ages, I could now ask it to create a script for a YouTube video that teaches people how to build muscle without using weight. So let’s go ahead and do that right now. “Can you create a YouTube video script for my channel, ‘Muscles R Us,’ that will teach people how to build muscle by only using their own body weight?” There we go. So now it’s gonna have a little think and come up with a great YouTube script. Now, of course, you can use this as the basis for yourself, you might want to adjust it a little bit. Let’s see what it does, but you can use this as a kind of talk-to-camera video script to make your YouTube video. And you can also focus on the right kind of keywords to use in your YouTube video title, and it will come up with suggestions for YouTube video titles too. And you can even suggest to it to include a specific keyword as well if possible. So there is no excuses now, is there? Look at this, here is our nice YouTube video script. So, “Hi, everyone, and welcome to Muscles R Us. I’m Jason, and in this video, we’re going to be talking about how you can build muscle using only your own body weight. Now, many people think that you need weights or equipment to build muscle, but that’s simply not the case. There are many bodyweight exercises that are just as effective for building muscle as traditional weightlifting exercises. In this video, we’re going to introduce you to five bodyweight exercises that you can use to build muscle without the need for weights or equipment. First up, we have bodyweight squats. To perform a bodyweight squat, stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and your arms out in front of you for balance,” and so on. You get the idea, that is this not phenomenal? I think it’s like the best thing ever, and I’m told this is the one that’s the public has access to and beta at the moment, but there is you know newer versions that we don’t have access to yet that are even better.

So basically, this has turned the whole world upside down in terms of creating content, really good quality content. You can see how effective this is, it is mind-blowingly good. And this is free right now, so I’m gonna put a link under this video and you can get this for free. But I did tell you as well that there was an alternative, and I’ll show you that in just a moment in case this gets shut down. I would imagine at some point or another, this The Beetle will be closed, and maybe a paid version will come out, I don’t know. But, um, just look how this YouTube video script has ended finally. We have burpees, to perform a burpee, stand or start standing with your feet shoulders apart, from there do this, do that, um, and then that’s about it. But you know, I’ve seen it as well even sign off and say, “Thanks for watching this video and please do like and subscribe to my channel.” You can do that as well, by the way, if you want to do that, but it will even do that for you. So amazing. Now the alternative that I have been using, and perhaps I can give you, um, an example of that right now by copying this last sentence here, saying, “Can you create a YouTube video script for my channel?” And this is it here. So this is a There’ll be a link underneath this video, but um, the good news is that you can get this on AppSumo at the moment, and I’ve tried loads of them, but this is the best one I found that comes very close to the way that, uh, Chat GPT works. So I think it’s like $89 lifetime deal, so I would grab it, and I think it’s like unlimited use virtually as well, don’t quote me on that. But now if I’m in the open form, this one here, uh, has the ability to do specific things. I’ll show you that in a minute, but I’m just going to paste this in right now and just see what it comes up with, um, in terms of creating a video, a YouTube video script, um, the same way as I did with Chat GPT. So it’s saying, “Please wait” down the bottom left there, it’s having a think, here you go. Um, so it’s video title is “Building Muscle at Home with No Equipment.” There’s the video introduction, “Hey everyone, this is so-and-so from Muscles R Us, and today I’m going to show you how to build muscle mass by using only your own body weight. All you need is a little bit of space and some determination, and you can start building muscle right away. So let’s get started,” and then it’s got all these different things, step one, two, three, and four, and also a conclusion which ends with “Thanks for watching and stay tuned for more videos from Muscles R Us.” You gotta love it, and it will give you an alternate version, and in this case, it’s giving us three versions, and we can always ask for more, we can always extend any one of these sections if we want to as well. So the bottom line is this software will also do it, and if I go back to maybe my dashboard, you can see the other things that it will do for you too. You can generate email text, Facebook ads, titles, all of that stuff, just like Chat GPT. I think the best way that I’ve used this, to be honest, was in the open editor, which is just a free for all, rather than using these little things actually because sometimes it, if you’re asking for Facebook ad text, it won’t give you very much text, and you might want more text than that. So that’s where I find that using the kind of open system that it has as well is actually better. But there is, again, I’ll put a link under the video for this, and if you want to just get something that will do the job for you nicely and is a one-time payment, you don’t have to pay every month, then you’ll find this very, very useful. So I hope you enjoyed this video, I hope you got something out of it if you’re in the business of creating content to, uh, you know, power your own business. Then you can see this is going to be a complete godsend and very exciting tool. All right, that’s it from me, uh, once again, subscribe to the channel for more, and thanks again for watching.


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