A New Era for AI and Google Workspace

[Belinda Cursor Typing] “Google Workspace brings us together.
To connect, create, and collaborate.”
[Belinda Cursor Typing] “AI has been [pause] helping out [auto-generated text with Smart Compose] all along [auto-generated text with Smart Compose].”
[Text on screen] Now, we can collaborate with AI.
[Text on screen] So you might ask…
[Text on screen] Catch me up on this email conversation
Visual showing generative AI features helping to draft, reply, summarize, and prioritize email in Gmail.
[Text on screen] Write a brief based on these emails
Visual showing how generative AI helps people get started writing in Google Docs. User types a topic they’d like to write about, and a draft is instantly generated.
Visual showing generative AI capabilities helping people find the right tone and style in Google Docs.
Build a presentation about the campaign.
Visual shows how generative AI helps to bring creative vision to life with auto-generated images, audio, and video in Google Slides.
[Text on screen] Capture notes for us
Visual shows AI features to capture notes in Google Meet.
[Text on screen] Personalize messages for our clients
Visual shows going from raw data to insights and analysis via auto completion, formula generation, and contextual categorization in Google Sheets.
[Text on screen] Draft a thank you note to the team
Visual shows generative AI in Gmail to help with generating a draft and adjusting the tone and style of the draft with the ”I’m feeling lucky” option
[Text on screen] A new era of getting things done.
[End animation] Google Workspace

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