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Now, if you’ve heard all about Auto GPT, which is basically chat GBT kind of running autonomously and figuring out tasks, coming back with the answers, then figuring them out again, improving them, reiterating them, and just working all by itself, then you’re gonna love this video. Because I’ve got a much easier alternative that kind of does the same.


So here we are looking at the news right now, and you can just see what it’s all about. It’s Auto GPT this, also GPT that, it’s all over the place. It’s talking about how scary it is. There you go, look at that! If you thought chat GBT was a bit scary, wait till you hear about Auto GPT. And I will do another video on how to use Auto GPT, but for the average person, you’re probably not going to use Auto GPT because it’s a real pain to set up. I mean, for example, I found this article just here that showed you how to do it. So first of all, you’ve got to start installing code systems onto your computer like Python. Then you’ve got to get your OpenAI API keys. That’s the easy bit. Then you’ve got to have Git installed on your computer, which, you know, I’m not really sure how to do. But then you’ve got to open the terminal, install it, and stuff like that, things that are really easy for programmers and coders and people who are very proficient at this stuff. But the average person is just going to be like, “This is too much!” And then basically, you run Auto Agent GPT, and you’ve got to do it in a certain way and so on.

What I found was, in my own chat GPT group, which you are welcome to join for free, by the way, this lady here, Gab, said, “Have you tried Agent GPT instead of Auto GPT? I’m interested to know if anyone has given it a try.” So if you want a link to what I’m about to show you and to join this free group, it is underneath this video. Go and see Gab’s post and give it a like and let her know if you try it out. Put it underneath. It’d be great to hear from you.

Here it is, so here is Agent GPT. It’s a browser-friendly, kind of readily installed, done for you thing, um, that is a great alternative to Auto GPT. So what do you actually need to do? API Key. So it did say that you have to go and get yourself an API key from OpenAI. This is free, so go and sign up for an OpenAI account like a basic account, and then what will happen is once you go into your settings and everything here, you’ll see that it says API Keys. You can click “Create New Secret Key” and copy that key. And now you’re ready to paste that into Agent GPT and get it going.

But one thing I wanted to say, by the way, is when you open your first OpenAI account, you get $18 of free credit, and I’ve had mine for quite some time now, months, and I’ve used it for all sorts of different things in its playground, which you might be familiar with. But I thought I’ll just see if I’ve actually been billed anything yet because surely by now, but nothing, no invoices found. So it’s so cheap to use this service and all these amazing things with OpenAI. Anyway, I’ve got my secret key.

Agent Setup:

When you’re an Agent GPT, all you do is go to settings just here, and then there’s a nice space for you to just paste that in and then just click save. And now this is a sort of fully operational, ready to go browser-friendly Auto GPT alternative. And what it says there right at the top actually is, “Assemble, configure, and deploy autonomous AI agents in your browser.” And that’s kind of what you’re doing here. You’re setting up an agent, a kind of assistant, if you like, a little mini robot, and then you’re telling it what your goal is. And now its job is to just figure out how to do that, collect any information, work things out, and come back to you with the answers to your question, your goal.

So what I’m going to do just for fun here is I’m just going to type in “Footballers” as the name of my agent. And what I want to know is, um, I want to know this. Let me just type this in using my voice on dictation for those of you who’ve asked how I do this. Tell me the top 10 highest-paid footballers in the Premier League in the UK in the year 2020. There we go. So let’s just see. Another reason I’ve picked up to 2020 is because the data that it’s currently using here will only go up to October of 2021.

Deploy Agent:

Then we just click “Deploy Agent,” and then it shows you exactly what it’s thinking and how it’s working this out. So first of all, it’s saying scrape the data on Premier League footballers, extract the salary information for each footballer, sort footballers by salary, and then here it goes. So Kevin De Bruyne, £385,000 a week. Not bad, not bad. Um, Mesut Özil, David de Gea, £350,000 a week, Raheem Sterling, look at all these guys. Harry Kane is only on £200,000 a week there. I think he’ll probably get more than that now. And then, um, it’s sorting them by salary in descending order and then presenting only the top 10 highest-paid footballers. And then it’s just going through like this again and again.

Stop Agent:

And just kind of going through everything. And when you’re happy with what you have, what it’s kind of figured out for you, you can then just click “Stop Agent,” and you’re able to then copy this without any problems. So let’s just say if I was just to go “Stop Agent” like that because you don’t want to—I would imagine it’s going through credits in your API, uh, for OpenAI. So you probably do want to stop it once you’ve actually got the information you needed. And then, um, there you go, but up here, it’s probably a better one because it’s actually got the, um, the actual top top 10 there and in their descending earnings right from top to bottom from, uh, Kevin De Bruyne down to Marcus Rashford for Man United, £180,000 a week. But I don’t think he’ll be on that either now if he gets a new contract. It’ll probably be more like £400,000 a week. So good stuff.

Um, so I think this is quite a good alternative. They have more information there if you want to find out how it works. Um, it says, “This platform is currently in beta. We’re currently working on a long-term memory, true web browsing,” and that is one benefit of Auto GPT is it will literally go to the live web and do a Google search and then collect that information, whereas this is seemingly kind of working within the data that it already has and then interaction with websites and people, whatever that means. And then you can go and follow these guys on any of those different channels just there. But um, I think this will come on really quickly. There’s, I think, four or five of them developing this, and it just might be a little bit easier than using Auto GPT for you. Um, you know because it is quite a complicated setup. I will do another video on exactly how to set up Auto GPT, and we’ll do a full demo of that as well because it’s just so popular right now. It is the number one most installed thing on GitHub, so it must be pretty good. And as you’ve seen, there’s loads of news about it too.

Free Chat GPT Community:

Um, but please do go ahead and click the link and come and visit this post here and my free chat GPT community. We’ve got nearly like, I say, 4,000 people now joining. We’re all borderline obsessed with AI and chat GPT, and maybe you are too, and you want to learn how it can help you as an individual and also maybe from a business perspective as well. Love to see you in there. All right, that’s it for today. Thanks ever so much for watching, and I’ll see you in the next video.

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