A Massive Upgrade To ChatGPT! (This is Crazy)


Today, OpenAI just announced something that is completely game-changing. This is going to completely change the way you use Chat GPT. It’s going to give you internet access inside of Chat GPT. It’s going to allow you to upload images, video, audio, and CSV files, and connect it to your website, and do pretty much anything that you could possibly imagine with Chat GPT. This is that game-changing, and I’m going to show you all about it right now.

So, the first big announcement came from OpenAI. They announced that Chat GPT will implement support for plugins. Plugins essentially extend the functionality of Chat GPT and allow you to sort of bolt on additional tools to what Chat GPT is already capable of. For example, they’re starting with Expedia, FiscalNote, Instacart, Kayak, Karna Shopping, Milo, Family AI, OpenTable, ShopSpeak, Wolfram, and Zapier. They also have two of their own plugins, a web browser, and a code interpreter. They’ve open-sourced the code for the knowledge base retrieval plugin so that other people can create plugins for their own knowledge bases to attach to Chat GPT.

Now, when I heard this news, I immediately went over to Chat GPT and saw that I was not one of the people that had access to plugins yet, and I don’t think this is widely rolled out. In fact, if we look at their website, it says, “We will begin extending plugin Alpha access to users and developers from our waitlist. While we initially prioritize a small number of developers and Chat GPT Plus users, we plan to roll out larger-scale access over time. Fairly soon, we’ll be able to access this stuff inside our own Chat GPT.”

But they did release some videos that kind of give you an example of the types of things you’ll be able to do with plugins. So, here’s an example of the browsing plugin. Here, down at the bottom, they type, “How do this year’s Oscar winners compare to recently released movies for box office sales?” Now, it browses the web because this has a browsing plugin for it. It reads the information that it got from browsing and then gives a response. “The 2023 Oscar winner for Best Picture, ‘Everything Everywhere All at Once,’ earned $100 million at the box office. Recently released movies, such as ‘Scream 6,’ have grossed $58,529,284 in the first seven days. While ‘Scream 6’ had a strong start at the box office, it’s worth noting that ‘Everything Everywhere All at Once’ has had a longer run in theaters to accumulate its $100 million in box office sales.” So, with this additional plugin, even though Chat GPT itself is only trained through 2021, using the browsing plugin, it will actually be able to search the internet and augment our results with what it found on the internet.

Now, there are a lot of tools out there, a lot of Chrome extensions that claim to extend the functionality of Chat GPT for you by connecting it to the web on your behalf. Well, a lot of those extensions are going to become obsolete thanks to plugins like this.

They also show in this demo that it does cite its sources. They hover their finger over the little citation there, and it shows the link is to Box Office Mojo.

And here’s another demo where they install the Wolfram Alpha, the OpenTable, the Instacart plugin, and then they ask, “Looking to eat vegan food in San Francisco this weekend. Can you get me one great restaurant suggestion for Saturday and a simple recipe for Sunday? Just the ingredients, please. Calculate the calories for the recipe using Wolfram Alpha. Finally, order the ingredients on Instacart.” So, they connected the OpenTable plugin, which will help them find a vegan food restaurant in San Francisco. They connected the Wolfram plugin, which does all sorts of complex calculations for them to help them find the calories of their meals. And then they connected the Instacart plugin to help them find and order the ingredients.

So, it can do all sorts of graphing and complex charting. And then, check this out. It actually opens up a CSV file directly inside of Chat GPT. And then it writes, “The prompt: What are the columns of this dataset?” And then it lists all of the columns because it is actually able to read the CSV file inside of Chat GPT.

And then they ask, “How many rows does it have?” And the response is, “The music CSV dataset has 10,000 rows.” And then they ask, “Can you run some basic visualizations?” And it just created all those charts right there. Histogram of song durations, a scatter plot of song hotness versus artist familiarity, and the bar chart of the top 10 most frequent artist names. It pulled all that data from the CSV that they uploaded.

And then they go on to do more complex analysis, all with the help of plugins.

Now, the implications of these Chat GPT plugins are huge. It extends the functionality of Chat GPT by so much. Chat GPT is going to have access to the web, and it’s going to have access to Zapier, so you can connect it with all sorts of different tools like your email autoresponders, Slack, Discord, or any other tool that connects with Zapier. You’ll be able to upload CSV files, upload image files, upload audio or video files, and have it do the editing on them for you, and cut out clips from it and remove backgrounds and do all sorts of crazy stuff with images.

Once again, we’re seeing a tool where a big company comes in and just adds features to their tool that are literally entire products that other companies have been selling. So other companies that are out there that are based on GPT-3 or that add web connectivity to GPT-3 or do pretty much anything on top of GPT-3, if you have Chat GPT Plus and you install some plugins, you can pretty much just do it with Chat GPT.

This sort of infinitely extends the functionality of Chat GPT Plus. It’ll be interesting to see if some plugins become premium plugins, similar to WordPress, where some of these plugins you actually have to buy to get extended functionality. We’ll see if a whole new industry sprouts up from this. That’s kind of likely, but also, you’re building in somebody else’s playground. If other plugins start to pop up and people sell them, well then, other plugins are probably going to pop up and people are going to give them away for free, or Chat GPT is just going to build it in. So, we’re going to see this kind of back and forth with smaller companies trying to build and innovate, and then the bigger companies like OpenAI, Microsoft, Google, companies like that just saying, “It’s a feature now in our bigger tool.” So, it’s going to be a real interesting game in the AI world.

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