Learn AI and Discover Why AI Matters And How To Deal With The Coming Change w/ Emad Mostaque

By the end of next year, I believe you’ll have Chat GPT on your mobile phone without internet. Today, the world changes. This is a regime change. Four of the top 10 app store apps in December were based on Stable Diffusion. 41% of all code on GitHub right now is AI-generated. We have figured out how to make humans scale. So, you have this amazing thing that can create anything. How far out are you able to see? Can you have a sense of predicting where we are in 10 years? I can’t see past five years. There’s enough fear, and some of it is deserved, but there also needs to be hope. Humans are humans. Bring them the information that creates the most value, and you will change the world.

Yeah, I’m excited to share with you one of the most extraordinary conversations I had at this year’s annual Abundance 360 Summit. It was with a friend, someone I’ve had on this podcast before, Imad Moustak, who’s the founder and CEO of Stability AI. You know his company from a number of his products, including Stable Diffusion. We sat down to talk about his moonshots, to talk about how generative AI is changing the world. What do you do if you’re a 20-year-old just getting involved, or if you’re a seasoned CEO or entrepreneur? And how is this going to change the world of Hollywood, education, healthcare? It was an incredible conversation, and I’m excited for you to hear it.

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But into this episode, you should have a pretty good idea where you stand on AI. Are you excited about it? Are you fearful of it? I’d love to know. Feel free to share your stance with me on Twitter.

Hey, pal! How’s it going, buddy? Listen, I know you have so much going on right now. It’s insane that we are in the midst of the most extraordinary period of technology ever, and you’re in the thick of it. Yeah, I think what’s it a good phrase is everything ever, all at once. Yes, yeah, that’s basically what it is. I can’t mention the conversations he’s been having the last 30 minutes, but it would blow your mind.

Alright, I’m going to give you this clicker. You have some slides to show. You know, I think the very first question to ask is if you were going to sort of bring people up to speed on where we are right now, would you share some of what your thoughts are? Here we have figured out how to make humans scale. How do you make humans scale? That’s the most difficult thing. Basically, classical AI was all about taking stuff and extrapolating it. We figured out how to figure out principles and latent knowledge with huge compression in these files, as we’ll talk about in a bit. Like the most valuable thing you can have is a good EA, making technology easier and more personal, or a really good analyst. I have a sister who’s amazing. She makes such a difference. I’m sure all of you in this audience realize that, right? We now have that. Basically, what we’ve done is we’ve trained these things on large amounts of data to understand principles. And now when you use a GPT-4, it’s like a really talented intern analyst with a bad memory. And we’re about to fix the memory. And it knows how to pass the medical bar exam, or medical licensing, and others. It knows how to draw beautiful pictures or create audio of any type. And it’s basically available to everyone for pennies. That’s weird to think. What does that mean? It can mean huge disruption, or it could mean basically we’re at the point of utopia and abundance. So, if you don’t mind, I’d like people to know Stable Diffusion, and you’ll show them the chart that really rocked me when I first saw it.

But what are the wide range of things that Stability AI is working on right now? Where do you want to go? My aim is to provide the building blocks for a society OS. Every part of society, if you have skilled experts in them. Our mission is to build a foundation to activate humanity’s potential, and across every single modality, we’re building models. So, audio, video, protein folding, DNA, chemical reactions, language, and others. We’re doing it for every sector. So, you’ve got a banker GPT, a board GPT to replace all your crap board members, you know, all the way down to national models. So, we’re doing an Indian national model at the moment, an Indonesian one, a Japanese one, so that everyone can have a file that they put words in and images, audio, text, anything pops out that’s appropriate to you, to enhance you.

So, I wanna click on that one because it’s very important. People talk about biases in the system, but what you’re talking about is creating, like, what you’re calling a foundational model that is biased to you or to your company or your country. Yes, the existing internet has centralized artificial intelligence that guides our attention or memorization. Where we go with this technology, we can push internet intelligence to the edge so every single person, country, culture, company can have their own AIs. And that’s an amazing thing because it can work for you, not against you, right? And so, that’s the personalization. Because what is bias? There are inherent biases in our society and things, but you can never move fast on this thing. We can’t move fast enough I think that’s it guys bye bye have a great day goodbye everybody.


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