TOP 17 ChatGPT PLUGINS Ranked!

There is currently 448 Chat GPT plugins that’s 56 pages of Chat GPD plugins that’s too much and I’m like I need to find the best plugins there must be like this Hidden Gem out there but every website is like showing me the same 10 plugins over and over again so for the next three hours I’m going to check out 17 Chat GBT plugins and I’m not just gonna talk about them I’m gonna use them and I’m gonna rank them based on how useful they are and yeah maybe we get away with some insanely powerful knowledge here let’s begin.

So we start by going to the plugin store.

1 – Video Insights Let’s test the first one, Video Insights. This one works with YouTube. I’m going to copy the link, can give me transcript, and I paste the link. Okay, here we go. Providing it in this long document, it’s code here though. I don’t really like that. I want to mention that many of these plugins are not as advertised and I definitely want to show them exactly as they are. So yeah, it keeps writing. And so this one is good, except I use this one instead, which is a Chrome extension that lets me download and that takes literally about 10 seconds to just click two buttons. So in terms of productivity, this one is getting a C.

Plugin number 2 – Show me Diagrams Two, show me diagrams. Create and edit diagrams directly in chat. I’m gonna ask it to explain how a Car Works using a visual diagram. Here is the basic diagram: driver turns key, ignition system starts engine, powers transmission, rotates wheels. The steering system, braking system. As a diagram lover, I’m using it only one time because I’m staying within the 25 messages per three hours limit. I really want to test it with making a diagram of all the human systems. For now, a solid S tier.

The next 3 – Zapier One is Zapier. Let’s, for example, turn one of my Twitter likes into a script with OpenAI. So I believe this is the one we want. So I’m going to try to make a set that triggers on a Twitter like, chat GPD video rewrite it, and then it puts it into a Notion note. Okay, here is a summary of this app. We can create trigger action, action. You can confirm the creation of this app by clicking confirms app. So it actually did it for me. Zapier can connect with over 5,000 apps and I love it for automation. Highly recommend checking out Patreon if you want to know all my automations that save me hours of time. Here we go, trigger when a tweet is liked. This is exactly like the other one I have. They have an action where we tweet, where we send it to that action we just created, and then save it in a Notion database. So yeah, this is pretty legit. I would love to try to create like an 11-step automation, but since we only got one try, Zapier is getting an A tier. The two main issues that could get it up to an S tier is auto connect to my Twitter account, to my Notion account, all of that. And the second thing, it is quite expensive. So I’m gonna take that into account while ranking them. But a solid A tier, and obviously I’m biased. I love Zapier.

Plugin number 4 – Visla Four, Visla. Where you can create a short video from public stock footage based on your specified topic. So I can write, create a video about a boy and a girl falling in love, but the families are Rivals. Therefore, they run away together. Send the message. So I tried this a couple of times in the past, and I’ve been quite impressed. There we go. Successfully created. Title: “Love Against Odds: A Runaway Love Story. To choose love over family.” You can view your video here. Alright, you’ve got a one-minute and 15-second video. Let’s see.

In a small town, there were two families who had been Rivals for Generations. But fate had other plans for their children. The boy and girl met by chance at a local fair and fell in love at first sight. They knew their families would never approve of their relationship. Yeah, I mean that clip there didn’t really fit well together. It should be like a love story. But hey, secretly hiding from their families and the rest of the town, they would sneak out at night to be together. So as you can see, it’s working. It’s very early, and there’s some major updates that could be done to this to actually make it really good. Better AI voice, faster cutting of videos would go a long way. But as it stands, we’re putting it in a B tier.

Plugin number 5 – AskYourPDF Five, Chat with PDF. Now, I’ve heard a lot of people using these PDF plugins and they’re not as advertised, so let’s check this one. This link here is to a PDF about 1,000 true fans. I’m gonna paste the link and we’re gonna ask it to list 10 core lessons from this PDF. Error communicating. So I don’t know if this one is broken right now. I mean, it doesn’t even have an image. Let’s try this other PDF one called “Ask Your PDF.” I’m gonna do the exact same link and give me 10. Okay, it’s working. It read it and now it’s writing down the 10 lessons. Can also ask follow-up questions and it will store the PDF in its vector database, so it doesn’t ever lose its memory. How to rank this? I mean, it’s doing as it’s supposed to do. I’m gonna put it in A tier. If it could easily do graphs, maybe. But that’s where you can connect multiple things together. A solid A. I’m pretty happy with that.

Plugin number 6 – Kayak Six, Kayak. Search flights, stays, and rental cars. Alright, a rental car for tomorrow, June 17th. So they have a Bosnia. Using Kayak, the date for the rental car, June 17th. Okay, issue with a date format. Let’s try again. Okay, I need to go from X to Y from June 17th to June 20th. Makes sense. I found several rental cars. What? Okay, let’s click on it though. Economy, compact, mini. You failed to prove that you’re a real user. Come on, you gotta be kidding me. Though, here we go. Some cars here in Bosnia, $64, and the lowest is $64. So yeah, that’s… But hey, it got me the days that I wanted. It got me the city I wanted. So I mean, it’s useful, but it’s not that good. Like, you can just go to the Kayak website. Nothing big. C tier is perfect.

Plugin number 7 – Speak Seven, Speak. Learn how to say anything in another language with Speaker AI-powered language tutor. Alright. Okay, can you please say this in Norwegian? “Hey, what’s up? I’m from Norway.” Okay, it’s translated it to Norwegian. It actually does the dialects and is creating a sentence on how to use it. It’s fine. I just actually thought it would speak it instead of just translating it with, like, artificial intelligence voice or something like that. So do you need this plugin compared to just saying, “Hey, GPT, can you translate this for me?” Not really. Also, in terms of learning a language, we need to learn how to pronounce it right. So we’re missing a bunch of things. So B if it’s right in there.

Plugin number 8 – ScholarAI Eight, Scholar AI. Unleash scientific research search. 40 million peer-reviewed papers. Explore scientific PDFs, etc. Let’s install it and check it out. So I’m gonna try to find if there’s any papers on weight loss. So 10 papers on weight loss in the time frame 2022 and 2023. Okay, they actually got top four papers sorted by the number of times they’ve been cited. First one about non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. That goes directly to the website. Look at this entire paper. Damn. Paper number two, triple glucagon. A big one on carbohydrate restrictions and weight loss and weight regain in mice. It actually gave us this paper. I don’t know how long it will take to find this manually, but I would love to ask it even more specific questions. I don’t know if this is an S tier or an A tier, but I definitely need to check it out more to give it an S. So based on just one usage, I’m gonna put it in an S. Honestly, it kind of did exactly what I wanted it to do.

Plugin number 9 – WebPilot Nine, WebPilot. Browse and QA webpage, PDF data, generate articles from one or more URLs. Obviously, this one is a little bit different than the browsing plugin that is built into Chat GPT4. The main problem I’ve found with browsing is that it starts browsing when it really doesn’t have to. With this tool, you can just provide it a link and it will read that. And we’ll keep that in mind. Or at least that’s what I think it does. So we’re gonna test it out. I’m gonna use one of these papers actually that is about the weight loss, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. And I’m gonna give it the link. So let’s ask it about a couple of true statements in this research paper. Okay, right away it starts going into that. It’s the most common chronic liver disease in the Western world. And it’s actually breaking it down really well. And this would be too much data for me to give it, like, just copy-paste. So this is a very good use case. And I think you can just keep asking it follow-up questions. So this one is amazing. Let me actually ask it, like, a hard question that’s all the way down here, like, what is reference number 74 and what is reference number 102. Let’s see. Give me an exact copy. So it seems like it’s browsing again, and it wasn’t actually able to do it. I might have to put the link in there. Save and submit. Okay, what I think happened is that since they are not actually numbers in the formatting, you can see that I can’t really click on it, it might be an impossible task for it to do. So it’s getting, like, a B. I think most language models will be up to date in the future anyways.

Plugin number 10 – Prompt Perfect Ten, Prompt Perfect. Type perfect to craft the perfect prompt every time. So apparently, you start by typing “perfect” and then the prompt that you want. So let’s say, write a YouTube video about the top 10 Chat GPT plugins. If I click enter, it’s using Prompt Perfect and actually, you can see this is the input. And then it just produced this incredible prompt here, rephrased. And let me read it and see if there’s anything really cool. Yeah, look at this thorough overview of each plugin, including its features, benefits, and potential drawbacks. And it should be targeted towards individuals who are interested in enhancing their Chat GPT experience. That is really detailed. And then it gives us, hey, there’s plugin name number one, plugin name number two. And look at this intro, “Hello everyone, welcome back to our Channel. If you’re new here, don’t forget to hit the Subscribe button and Bell icon.” And no, Chat GPT is still so bad at writing YouTube videos. It’s crazy. But I mean, it did what it did. And I could have given it way more information chains. So I’m pretty impressed by just using this one time. I’m definitely going to use this one more. I think that there’s a huge difference between a good prompt and a bad prompt. So this one deserves an S tier.

Now, I need to tell you something. I’ve been choosing from the popular tab in the plugin store. There’s some of these that I just can’t talk about because I don’t have enough knowledge, like notable that creates notebooks in Python and SQL. And there’s also others that other people have talked about a lot, like Instacart, Wolfram, Golden. But I’m just not gonna include. And now we’re gonna step into the unknown territory where we click on all, look at all these pages of plugins. Oh my goodness, I have to suffer for this YouTube video. Or maybe it’s gonna be cool. Let’s actually click on new and let’s see what’s happening right here. I think that we need a plugin for all these plugins. How do I know which one of these are good?

Plugin number 11 – Stories 11, Stories. Create beautiful illustrated stories easily. Okay, let’s create another story about a boy and a girl where the families hate each other, so they run away together. Okay, it started. Romeo and Juliet for kids. Let’s click the link. It opens on this beautiful website and has the text on the left, and they’re generating an image right now. You can see other people’s work here as well. You can actually like them, so some sort of social media. There is no way. Look at this. The entire story plus images generated automatically. Just like that. Like, this is as close to an automatic storybook as you can. But look at this. This was the perfect place to start their new life together. No way. It’s like even more pages. It’s literally 40 pages, and it just keeps going. Damn, 51 pages to the end. Wow, this is an easy S tier. I love when plugins can just blow me away like this. Chat GPT plugin number 12, Open Tools AI. Find the right AI tools for your needs from the largest collection on the web. Okay, I’m asking about turning text into video and listing top 10 tools for that. Let’s see what it’s going to do. It was really fast. Twikit to video, converts tweets into videos. Okay, Flaky. I’ve heard about this one. Modal Scope. Text to video wizard. Vid to text. Okay, I’ve not heard about these ones yet. This is really cool. No way. These are actually things I’ve never heard about before. Even giving me a repository from Hugging Face. Wow, it actually did it. But it didn’t actually provide the best answer, which I would say is Runway ML. And this is also about captioning and subtitling and dubbing. Actually, a lot of them are transcription services. Also, the website isn’t really that popular, so I don’t know how up to date this one is. I would rather use something like Future Tools. So C tier or maybe even the first D tier. No, let’s do this.

Plugin number 13 – Questmate Forms 13, Questmate Forms. Create forms, checklists, and workflows. We call them quests that you can assign, schedule, or make public. Let’s test it out. So imagine I need a form for somebody that has a business, but they now need to automate a lot of their work with AI. And this would be a goal on a call form. So create a form to apply AI automation into their business. Let’s see, making a form now. Okay, it’s created a form. Let’s check out the questions. Click here to access the form. Okay, they’re still making it. This design is pretty cool, though. I know which questions that I would put into this form. Okay, here it is. Okay, name, email, company name, company website, read the following documents. So they actually created some overview documents, which is not secure, so they don’t really like that. And it’s to a website that I don’t own. What they need to sign an agreement. What is the purpose of the call? What is the desired outcome of the call? What documents do you need to bring to the call? No, I wouldn’t include that. What questions do you have for the call? Sign below. Nope, I don’t like this. The design also looks very bad, so if I would send anybody here, it kind of looks unprofessional. I’m sorry. To me, this is very much like a C or D tier. I wouldn’t really use this.

You know what? I’m gonna change it up. I’m gonna put both of these in D tier because, uh, we gotta fill that space up too, and these have been the worst so far.

Plugin number 14 – World News 14, World News. Summarize news headlines. You can ask for the latest news from various sources around the world. This is very cool. Let’s ask it about AI news that happened today or maybe yesterday. Give me a list of AI news that happened last two days. It’s browsing. Okay, it’s saying a couple of things. Google’s AI tool is about making online shopping even easier. This is actually up to date from Wired. Researchers from Harvard, this is also from two days ago. About the EU law as well. Damn, this is actually working really well. I’ve heard of all of these, and I’m up to date all the time. It actually found one that happened today. So I gotta give this Chat GPT plugin a little applause, honestly. Damn, this might actually be one that I’m gonna use to ask about the top articles to the last week in AI and become a part of my research process. So easy S tier.

Plugin number 15 – Change There, plug-in number 15, Change. Discover impactful nonprofits to support in your community and beyond. Let’s install the plugin. Let’s ask it for nonprofits working on restoring wetlands, forests, and natural ecosystems. I know a couple of these, so let’s see if they can find the ones that I know. Or it couldn’t actually find that, but they’re gonna do Environmental Conservation or Wildlife Preservation. Yeah, that’s fine. Let’s do Wildlife Preservation. Okay, here we go. Number one, Wildlife Preserves. They got Southwest Texas. And those were the two. I wish it gave me more, but I guess that these ones are very specifically created for natural habitats and ecosystems. So this one fits right into a B tier.

Plugin number 16 – Yabble 16, Yabble. Create insights instantly. Any audience, any question. Yabble it. Let’s install. So I’m gonna ask it about the audience of people interested in artificial intelligence. And now it’s Yabbling, and I’ve generated a set of questions for our survey. And then you can continue down, saying like creating custom target audience for your survey, etc. They’re calling this augmented data that can kind of predict the answers that the audience might have, which is very interesting. I mean, it definitely does what it says it does. So I think we’re gonna put it in A tier. It’s between A and B for me.

Plugin number 17 – RoboAd There, plug-in number 17, RoboAd. Your AI-powered ad assistant. I’ve heard good things about this one. So you can basically give it a website like, like the Linus Tech Tips store. Pop a link in there and say, “Create multiple ads.” And apparently it should do it. Okay, it had an internal server error first. Okay, and now it’s creating the ads like the title, path, description. It’s very small, though. I don’t know if this is what we want. This is hardly an ad. Let’s try FL Ribbon instead. Okay, it’s creating more ads, and it’s just very short, quality outdoor clothing. So this one is definitely a C tier or a D tier even.

So there you have it. Did I miss any plugins? Let me know in the comments below. Don’t forget to check out our Patreon, and I’ll see you in the next one. Peace.


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