Top 10 Life Changing AI Tools You Need to Know

Let me show you the top 10 AI tools that have been completely life-changing for me, and I think you’ll find them really useful. And these are not going to be the ones like ChatGPT or Mid-Journey that you may have heard of before, but these are really powerful too.

First on the Pick3 AI list is Pick 3 AI. Victory is an AI video creation platform, and it has two really life-changing aspects to it. One is it could turn any script, basically any text you give it, into an entire video using AI. You could use this for your business, you could use it for content creation, tons of different use cases. And the way it works is you just upload text, and Pick3 finds the video clips, and it will generate an AI voice-over, create subtitles and captions, even resize your content for any platform, from vertical to horizontal. And it has this other thing called “Edit Videos with Text.” Basically, you give it a video file, it will turn it into text, transcribe what’s in the video, but then all you have to do is edit the text file itself, and then it will make those edits to the video. So, you could do video editing without ever actually touching the video file. You do it with text.

Next on the Mixo list is Mixo. Mixo could create you an entire website, a professional website, in just one click. It will take your text prompt and it will create a complete website that has a name, it has a logo, it has different text, it has sections to it, it finds the images for you, it even adds an opt-in form for people to opt into your newsletter, for example. And what’s great about this is you could actually try this and see the end result before even signing up for an account or even paying a single dollar. Very, very cool, creating professional websites with text.

Next on the list is Canva, but the Canva AI, the design platform, now has lots of different AI tools they’re rolling into it. They’ve been around for a long time as a very popular design platform for creating all kinds of different graphics and different elements for design, but now they have different AI tools. One of them is “Texture Image” where you could just type in text, create an image that doesn’t exist using AI, and then use that in your design. They also have AI talking avatars, and they’re releasing new AI tools in the Canva Suite all the time.

Next on the list is from Microsoft, Microsoft Designer. Microsoft Designer is an AI-powered design app, and it could turn any text prompt into a professional design. All you have to do is ask it what you want to be designed, and it will take care of the rest. And everything is fully customizable, so you could change the text, you could change the background, the videos, the audio, everything inside of the design is fully customizable. And it could create stationary designs like pamphlets and flyers, but you could design elements for your website like a banner with moving video too as your background. And every design that the AI creates is completely customizable, from text to the pictures to the videos. And Designer also has a text element generator built into it, so you could describe anything you want to see with a text prompt, and it will output a picture, and you could use that picture in your design. And you could change the size of your design too in the beginning or at the end, so you could use that same design across a bunch of different platforms.

Runway is an entire Creative Suite of products, so there are lots of different things you could do with Runway. But they first really came on the scene with their text-to-video generator, probably the best on the market right now. But all you do is give it a text prompt, and it will create a video in any style that you want. Basically, it could create any visual element from a text prompt, not just images. It does have text to images, but some of the more useful things that I’ve tested out is the video-to-video option where you give it a normal-looking video, and you could turn that into any type of style of video. And they do have a free trial, and they have a limit on how much you get from their free trial, but it is very, very interesting to play around with, and you get access to their entire Creative Suite, so you could test a bunch of different things. They have things like a quick background remover from your video files, they have an audio cleanup function, again, they have all the different text-to-visual creation like text to image, text video, video to video. Really powerful tool for creators of all kinds.

Next on the list is Adobe, and it created something called Firefly. And that is an AI art generator, and Adobe is the creator of Photoshop, so they know how these types of tools work. Firefly could create really realistic photos with a text prompt. You could also generate really high-quality animated text, again with a text prompt. And it could basically turn sketches into vector files if you’re some kind of a designer. That’s how you would create a logo, very powerful options. And they recently also showed a video on Adobe Firefly video, which could do a lot of powerful things with video, like editing your video automatically using just text prompts as well. And it could even generate storyboards from a script.

Next is Did, and Did is a talking AI Avatar generator, and you can actually create the visual and the audio too. So you just give it some text, it creates a visual Avatar, and it will speak the text from your script. It’s really, really interesting, so you have voice, and you got video with the AI talking Avatar. And you could choose lots of different avatars from their list, and they have lots of different voices too to choose from. They’re all AI-generated voices, but they sound pretty realistic from all the different ones I’ve tested out.

Next on the Rewind list is Rewind AI, and Rewind is designed to basically make sure you never forget anything you do on your computer. It basically records all the activities that you do on your computer, like watching videos, browsing documents, emailing, and then it uses AI to make everything you’ve done searchable. So everything you’ve seen, said, or heard is searchable using ChatGPT-powered AI. Now, Rewind is only currently available on Mac computers with the Apple chip, so the M1, the M2 chips. But I’m assuming they’re going to roll this out to a lot more. Well, with those chips, it makes it really easy to compress the video files to be really small, and they’re locally stored on your computer, so you have no privacy issues. It doesn’t ever get uploaded somewhere else. So it’s just searchable but stored on your local computer where you could delete it at any time.

Next is Blockade Labs, and Blockade Labs basically creates entire virtual spaces or Virtual Worlds with just text. You describe the world you want to see, then you choose a style from all the different types of styles that they have, and it generates it just in one click. And you could look around in a 360 View, and then you can zoom into different parts of it with your mouse. And then if you like it, you could download it and share your creation too. And if you don’t like your first design, you could just remix it or generate a new one just in one click. Really interesting.

Last but not least, we have Agent GPT, and this AI tool is similar to ChatGPT, but it could do something ChatGPT just can’t do. It is powered by ChatGPT but it runs on autopilot, and it’s all web-based, so you don’t have to download anything fancy. There’s something called Auto GPT, this is basically a web version of Auto GPT. This is what it does. You could assign it any goal that you want to achieve, and it will work towards that goal by coming up with the to-do list for itself. And it will try to implement those tasks, and it will try to learn from whatever results that task gave it, and then think of new tasks, and it’ll just keep running and running. It’s really interesting. Basically, when you ask ChatGPT a question, it’s going to give you an answer, and then you could follow up, but you have to come up with what you’re going to follow up with. Agent GPT thinks of the follow-up on its own. It basically creates and asks itself tasks and subtasks in order to achieve that first goal that you gave it. So you can pause it at any time, but it will run as long as it needs to try to achieve that goal. Extremely powerful tool, and it is available to everyone online.

I have a lot of deep walkthroughs on a lot of these tools, so I’ll put a link in the description to a resource if you want to dive deeper. I hope you found this useful, and I’ll see you next time.


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