This is the FASTEST AI Video Editing!

All right, in this video, I’m gonna go over something a little different. It’s uh how I use AI to edit these videos. Um, there’s a new uh application that I’ve just learned about a couple of weeks ago, and it is a time-saver, especially for someone like me that has long pauses, does multiple takes, and says “um” a lot. I’m sorry about that. Anyway, let’s go check it out.

All right, so first, what you want to do is go to This is where you get the application, download it, install it, and it will run on your computer. The first video you edit is free, but after that, it’s five dollars per video, and I don’t know, seems like it’s worth it to me. It’s a great application. What it is, is using AI to cut out silences, to pick the correct take. If you take multiple takes, it will get the correct one. It will cut out “ums” and what do they call them? They are disfluencies. So, I guess a disfluency is that a real word? Disfluency, look up disfluency. This is various breaks, irregular non-lexical vocals. Oh, all right, it’s a real word. There you go. So, it’ll get rid of all that.

All right, let’s take a look. I will put a link to this in the description, and let’s take a look. This is perfect for content creators out there, you know, this is going to keep you an excellent first pass at your rendering instead of spending, I mean, this literally will cut hours out of your editing. All right, here we are in the Glynn app. The first thing to note is look at how clean this interface is. There’s not much to do. You sign in, sign out, and it tells you, “Okay, drag and drop your video here.” I’m going to select one from my previous video. I know this segment has a lot of “ums” in it, so I thought I would put that right in there. Jesus, there I go again. I’m not going to edit that out. I’m not running this through. That’s it. Let’s name this “Bling Test.” There we, I almost said “down” again. My file is added. It registers it on the timeline, and now I’m going to hit continue.

Oh, and I’m taking out silences and bad takes. Here we go. Oh, also, my length is about four minutes, 15 seconds. So, let’s see how much it chops out. All right, you finished up doing its edit in less than two minutes. We can see textually, it gives us this text editor and tells us everything it cut out. So here’s my intro to it, and it is telling me, I guess it’s calculating what I’m saying. It’s closely connected with appearance, arm, method of artistic. Uh, I don’t think it’s getting the words exactly right. Uh, I mumble. I’m from Jersey originally, so I may have an accent, who knows? So it cuts out “uh,” it’s talking, it doesn’t like the Jeff’s position, and those are the edits it made right out of the gate. Uh, there’s my “um” again, and all right, what is this? Skip Cuts. Okay, so if we play it back in there, let’s see, we’ll play it back.

All right, we are coming out of the gate swinging. This, uh, this first style is “tenebrism,” and basically what you say is, um, this one uses really, really dark elements, uh, dark background, dark environment to give a spotlight. Okay, spacebar will do it. Let’s put Skip Cuts on, go back here. All right, we are coming out of the gate swinging. This, uh, this first style is “tenebrism,” and basically what you say is, um, this one uses really, really dark, at that elements, uh, dark background, dark environment, um, to give a spotlight, uh, spotlight feel to your subject. “Tenebrism” was widely seen in Italian and Spanish Baroque works. A woman to be the focal point of it. So it lets the background and everything fall off to the right. It’s getting very dramatic. Correct? I mean, I guess there’s something weird there. Those would need to be touched on. Let’s go up. If we… Jesus, I’m saying all that. If we click on these little scissors, we can get back these cuts. I really want these back. It’s explaining what… Cheese, I just keep saying it’s explaining the style of art, but I still have my… It’s still editing out the dead air in this. It lets the background and everything fall off to the darkness and very dramatic. I mean, extremely dramatic works of art. So here’s a woman on this side. I like it. “Tenebrism,” cutting out the silences. Click on here. I think we’re getting… I really love it. Oh, here, beautiful hands. Earth. I mean, I guess there’s something weird there. Those would need to be touched, though. But that’s true. Look at that. Look at this. Look at number one. Pause. What does this tell me? All right, so let’s, uh… We’re gonna say we are happy with our edit that Gling just did. I am. I went through. Uh, I actually want to keep the text that it suggested to cut. The other thing is, if you see something that you want to cut, you can go click on those, and you’ll get a scissor on that line, and you can cut that whole line out. So what we’re going to do now is we have an edit that we like. We’re gonna hit export. For me, it’s Adobe Premiere XML. Do that. We will put this into the correct folder. Successfully exported the XML. Do I want anything else? No, thanks. So I wonder if they’re charging if you’re just exporting an XML. I guess if you export the video edited, then they charge you. If you export the XML, you don’t. That’s amazing because this is really a rough cut for me. So that’s fantastic.

All right, let’s go out of Gling and go into Adobe Premiere. All right, here we are in Adobe Premiere. So what I’m going to do is I’m going to import. I’m going to go to my source. I’m going to import the XML. Bingo! And that has created a clip and a sequence for me. I did save that XML to the same file, uh, to the same location as where my video file was. Let’s double click on the sequence and look at that. Here are all the Gling edits that we made.

All right, we are coming out of the gate swinging. This, Spotlight feel to your subject. Tenebrism was widely seen in Italian and Spanish Baroque works. It’s closely connected, okay? So once I’m in here, this is, uh, you know, we have the rough cut, everything’s cut up. We can take it to the next level and actually put this into a multi-cam situation where we have, because I actually render multiple cameras and then apply the cuts to the multi-cam, so we get the same cuts across all the cameras. You can do that, but so let’s just look at this edit, quirks, it’s closely connected, right here to yourself. If I want to adjust this edit, this is where, you know, everything’s super speedy. I can go to my rolling edit tool, and I can slide that edit. Oh, wait, sorry. What I should do is first link my audio to my video. So let’s link these, link these, and now I can do my rolling edit and finish Baroque works. It’s close if I want to move this, and I see there’s a little silence on the other side, I can just move it because there was a little bit of a glitter. Spanish Baroque works, it’s closely connected to the and that sounds better. So use your rolling edit after you have your rough cut. Cheers. This is an artistic, that’s an hour, you know, they’re they’re, um, you know, typically before I had this, it would take me about a day to, and I’m pretty fast, to, you know, film myself, then edit it, then, you know, depending on how many passes and how many times I want to get rid of my “ums” and “ands” and, you know, all that and all the silence, you know, I try to put out really quality stuff, but I really give myself a day to, uh, to, to get these edits done. This is amazing and just cuts out so much time. So it’s called Bling. I think you should get it. I think you should go check it out, especially if you’re using these applications, you know, it seems like you can do unlimited edits. And correct me if I’m wrong, they only charge you if you’re exporting the video. Crazy. This is crazy. How do they survive? How are they gonna survive? All right, guys, thanks for watching this. If you are doing any content creation and need to speed up your workflow with your non-linear editor, Gling is the way to go. This, I promise you, will cut time out, and, uh, you know, AI is getting amazing, and it’s going to help us do all these tedious tasks so we can put more effort into the creative ones. That’s where my head’s at. All right, uh, if you like this video or if you like it, please like, please subscribe to my channel, and please comment below. I love the comments I’m getting. I love the conversations we’re having. All right, until the next video, see ya. Yeah. Yeah.


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