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Maybe you haven’t seen that you can now use Auto GPT directly in your browser. It finally happened! Chat GBT can now type and click buttons for you on any website. Adobe just launched AI video editing. If you didn’t know, AI can detect feelings in real-time using facial expressions.

This isn’t a real image, but are there any tells you’re missing out on turning your drawings into animations? Elon Musk just revealed that he’s going to make a chat GPT competitor called Truth GPT.

The Scoop: Maybe you haven’t seen that you can now use Auto GPT directly in your browser. So here’s the scoop for the last two weeks: There have been some GitHub repos called Auto GBT and Baby AGI. These become autonomous AI agents that can do things on your behalf. Instead of writing with Chat CBT one question at a time, you can give the Auto GPT a goal, and it will just go out there for you and research a bunch of things and try to solve the problem with just the goal in mind. As you can see here, “How can I make as much money as possible in New York City in a day without a job?” And it did all these tasks for him, like identifying high traffic areas in New York City where potential customers are likely to be present, searching for popular tourist attractions in New York City using Google research, and selecting profitable products or services that can be sold quickly and easily in those areas. Now, it’s working on developing a marketing strategy to attract customers. It’s available now on

Elon Musk just revealed that he’s going to make a chat GPT competitor called Truth GPT. So it seems like the world needs a third option. Yes, so I think I will create a third option. Although it’s starting very late in the game, of course. Can it be done? I don’t know. I think we’ll see. It’s definitely starting late, but I will try to create a third option. Hopefully, it does more good than harm. The intention with OpenAI was obviously to do good, but it’s not clear whether it’s actually doing good or whether it’s… I can’t tell at this point, except that I’m worried about the fact that it’s being trained to be politically correct, which is simply another way of being untruthful. That’s not a good sign. There’s certainly a path to AI dystopia to train an AI to be deceptive. So yeah, I’m going to start something which I know you’re called Proof GPT or a maximum truth-seeking AI that tries to understand the nature of the universe. And I think this might be the best path to safety in the sense that an AI that cares about understanding the universe is unlikely to annihilate humans because we are an interesting part of the universe. Hopefully, they would think that I think, you know, because yeah, like, we like humanity could decide to hunt down all the chimpanzees and kill them. Interesting take here that saying politically correct means that you’re basically lying because it’s not the truth. Now, this is obviously trending on Twitter saying Truth GPT launch, Smokeaway on Twitter had a poll with 65% going through the GPT. I believe that Truth GPT will speak in SpaceX rocket launch countdowns, and its first words are gonna be “Buy Bardeen AI, Dogecoin.”

There’s a free AI Chrome extension that lets you create automations on any website, so it can save you a bunch of time. No need to copy and paste things anymore, no need to type on your computer, or no need to click your mouse. This can do it all for you with the magic of AI. It’s called Bardeen AI. It already comes with all these built-in automations, but if you don’t know what to do, you can just click in the top right here and write, for example, “Scrape LinkedIn user data and put it on Google Sheets” and click on “Let our AI assistant build it for you.” Just like that, it created a custom automation. I just click on “Scrape data,” just click on “List” or “Table,” so it needs help collecting the list. So I’m just going to click one, two, and then it has all the data of all the people here. Now I’m gonna click on “Pagination,” which means “Next page, next page, next page,” and now we can select what data we want, so we want their name, their description, where they live, also. Now we can just save the templates, and just like that, click on “Done,” and we want to set it to 100 items because if you don’t do that, then it will go forever, essentially. Now look at this, it’s happening as we speak. Just like that, now you can see view the scrape document. Boom, just like that, name, description, location, all in this perfect file right here. Also, another sample is I can do a crypto-type website with all of this data points. You can open the tab, click on the new scraper tool, click on “List” and “Table,” start building, and just click on one of the tabs here, and then the AI scraper is just going to scrape all the data for you. To test it out, just go to bardeenai/download and install the Chrome extension. You’re missing out on turning your drawings into animations. As you can see, this is SketchMetaDemolab. Definitely not like a kid drawing four different stick figures, and now they’re all dancing like they’re leprechauns on Saint Patrick’s Day. The website is called, and you can just click on “Get Started” here. I’m just gonna swipe one of these drawings here. I can upload a photo. There we go, swiping the drawing right here. Yes, please. Now they need to find the character, so we’re gonna scan it right here, and I can just continue drawing a little bit more. It didn’t get the exact dimensions here, and I can erase the background. Click on “Next.” It’s actually rigging it with a head, arms, legs, body, and now your animation should be ready soon. Damn, it had to go out with his hands just wailing around. Let’s make it wave. Oh, that’s so cute. Let’s try making it box. Hey, oh, yo. How long till an AI stick figure starts uploading on TikTok and gets more likes than me? It finally happened! Chat GBT can now type and click buttons for you on any website.

Look, this is a plugin of Chat GBT, and he says, “Think of a 100-word tweet on AI.” Then he writes, “Now post it on my Twitter,” just like that. It opens the browser, it’s writing, and then it’s now gonna click on “Tweet,” just like that. It happened. What about suggesting an Italian restaurant in Palo Alto for a date? It’s using the plugin OpenTable, then you can actually book the first one for 7:30 PM with outdoor seating using Multiom browser. It will then open the link for him, click the date and the time, and click the buttons for him. Then he’s saying, “Fill my info,” and here he has all the info. Look at this, it’s writing for him. Then he says, “Great, complete the reservation,” and then it just clicks on the button, and he literally didn’t have to do anything.

In the wrong hands, this could be dangerous, so don’t give access to this to anybody that is a Shopaholic.

Facial Expressions: If you didn’t know, AI can detect feelings in real-time using facial expressions. Obviously, Will Smith here, and you can see on the right that it tags kind of the happy, positive here, the excited, surprised. You can see the entire list here based on the emotions of his face. Now you can see here, this is Terry Crews. Is he happy, smiling, excited? And you can see that. Now here is going to the negative side, where she’s more like sad. This guy is disgusted/angry. This girl is neutral and more positive, or is she sad, or is she depressed? This guy’s more angry/fearful. This girl is more sad. Very sad. You can see it. Now this guy is angry, angry as hell. Damn, yeah, screaming. Can we put screaming on there? Now she’s happy. Psychopath behavior type. Oh no, she’s definitely angry there, yeah, no, sad. Very sad. We can finally solve the mystery of Mona Lisa’s smile.

Quick question, how can you fake an image? Tell that this isn’t a real image. It’s made by Mid-Journey, but are there any tells? This is what Nick Floats asked on Twitter, and he’s asking his expert audience. I can’t tell if it’s real or not, but it got the MJ style. Definitely, the skin on the chest is way too blurry/plastic/fake-looking unless fully custom wallpaper that ain’t marble. The smoothness of the skin feels off, collarbone seems strange, and that’s where the smoothness seems most artificial and where the illusion breaks down. It looks more like a good oil painting than a photograph. Nick saying a depression there is totally normal. The shadow on the left earring is messed up. Damn, I didn’t see that. Chest and neck give it away, saying, “How so?” Plastic-looking chest, a bit flat. Impressive nonetheless. Damn, body shaming. A Mid-Journey image, right clavicle shadow is off where it meets the dress. People really out here thinking about clavicle shadows. All right, people, thank you so much for watching. Don’t forget to check out this video. I mean, if you haven’t seen it yet, it’s pretty good. Either way, I love you. Peace.

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