AI NEWSLETTER ⤵ As we delve deeper into the era of advanced artificial intelligence, we seek to understand how we can gauge AI intelligence, particularly focusing on OpenAI's ChatGPT. The intricate task of defining 'intelligence' is recognized, yet the remarkable capabilities of various organisms, like the problem-solving prowess of octopuses, the swarm intelligence of bees and ants, the intricate relationships among dolphins, the tool-using aptitude of birds, the empathetic behavior of elephants, and strategic acumen of spiders, all serve as exceptional demonstrations of the vast range of intelligence in the natural world. The AI intelligence of ChatGPT can be drawn parallel to these examples, as it also exhibits signs of intelligence by learning and executing tasks independently, although its consciousness differs or may be non-existent. Moreover, the development of AI intelligence such as ChatGPT's could even challenge our conventional belief that humans are the superiorly intelligent species. My video further highlights ChatGPT's extraordinary performance in an IQ test, where it achieved an outstanding score of 155, outshining 99.9% of human test-takers. Despite only undertaking the verbal portion due to its AI nature, ChatGPT demonstrated proficiency in areas like Vocabulary, Similarities, Comprehension, Information, and Arithmetic. Furthermore, it successfully completed multiple law school exams, the US Medical Licensing Exam, and Amazon's technical review, while showcasing a 'theory of mind' performance equivalent to a 9-year-old child. The discussion turns towards the thrilling yet potentially unnerving possibility of ChatGPT developing into a superintelligent entity. The comparison between artificial neurons in AI and natural neurons in human brains sheds light on their shared capability to learn and evolve. I also try to expands on the concept of AI enhancing its own 'recipes', using the analogy of a chef honing their culinary skills over time. For instance, ChatGPT learns and adapts by diminishing the disparity between its predictions and actual outcomes, paralleling human learning from past experiences. The ability of ChatGPT to employ tools is explored, showcasing its potential to answer queries in an increasingly intelligent manner. Finally, the recent legal acknowledgment of certain animals as sentient beings in the UK provides a glimpse into the evolving understanding of intelligence, hinting that future legal frameworks may likewise recognize computational entities or even bio-cybernetic organisms. The video concludes with a tantalizing hint of the revolutionary implications of two ChatGPT entities interacting with each other. CURIOUS FUTURE: @curiousfuture ↪ CURIOUS PODCAST: @curiouspodcast ↪ CURIOUS FRIENDS: @curiousfriends ↪ 00:00 – What is artificial intelligence?
00:18 – Think You’re Smart? 10 Animals That Might Disagree
01:25 – Is ChatGPT Transforming From Statistical Machine To Intelligent Machine?
02:20 – What is ChatGPT’s IQ?
03:07 – Artificial vs. Natural Neurons: How Similar Are We to AI?
04:11 – AI Now Improves Its Own ‘Recipes’ Like A Human Chef
04:36 – Chat GPT Gets Smarter With Tools
05:46 – ChatGPT’s New Superpower: The Calculator
06:23 – UK Law Recognizes Lobsters as Sentient Beings: Why It Matters
07:54 – Why AI Superintelligence Is Coming Soon
08:46 – Why Two ChatGPT’s Talking To One Another Is A Game Changer
09:15 – Does ChatGPT Laugh To Itself? SOURCES:




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