ChatGPT Just Got Web Browsing – HUGE UPDATE

Chat GPT finally got access to the internet, and it now has web browsing built into it. The only thing is, you need Chat GPT Plus, which gives you access to Chat GPT-4, and it also gives you access to web browsing. It gives you access to this thing called plugins, which is an entire store of basically plug-in apps. These give you access to third-party apps. I made a separate video “All About Plugins,” so I’ll link that below if you want to learn what that’s all about, but right now, I want to show you the web browsing option, which basically lets Chat GPT-4 access the internet.

Now, to use that, as long as you have Chat GPT Plus, you could go to your profile right here, click there, and then go to settings. There is “Beta” right here, “Beta Features,” and you should have two different options. Now, it’s just rolling out, so you may have one of these options and not both of them, but you should eventually, in the next week or so, get this one called “Web Browsing,” and you could activate it here. As long as it’s turned green, it’s activated. You could have plugins and web browsing activated here, but inside of Chat GPT-4, you could only set one of them to be active. Let me show you that. Once it’s set up, you go over here, you click on GPT-4, and then right here, you have to change from default mode to browsing mode. Now you have internet access.

If you want to use the plugins, you have to go to plugin mode. Now, plug-in mode has some things that also have real-time access to the internet, so you can use that in combination. So one of the plugins, for example, Wolfram, actually gives you a lot of access to real-time data, so I recommend you activate this, and that will give you some access to the internet. But if you want full internet access, I would recommend this one, the browsing, the internet browsing, to be activated. That’s the one I’m going to keep activated, and I’ll just use the plugins when I need to.

Now, before Chat GPT only had access to data that it was trained on, which was pre-September of 2021, so really old data. But now, because Google BART rolled out with live internet access, and Microsoft Bing AI also has internet access, Chat GPT just joined those two, so now they’re all on the same footing. Let me ask you a real-time question. Right now, there’s basketball going on; it’s in the playoffs. So, I could actually do a search, “latest NBA score.” You could see I just did a search. I could do this drop-down and see what’s going on. So it looks like you tried to do a search, you failed, it’s doing another search, clicked on ESPN, it’s reading the content, it’s finished browsing, and then it’s going to give me the latest results. So I don’t have to actually see the breakdown; I could just wait for the answer. But I just tested this; this is literally from today, so it has information from today that is happening right now. And if you give me that information, as long as another publication that is searching actually posted about it, so in this case, we had ESPN; they posted it, so it could read the content, just like Google searches, just like Bing searches, though, have access now. Chad GPT has access now.

So I’m working on an ultimate comparison, so I have basically Chat GPT, Bing, and BART open, and I’m doing the top 10 simple to most complicated prompts to show you actually which one is the ultimate winner right now. So I’ll post that in a couple of days. I want to do a really comprehensive comparison, so stay tuned for that. I hope you found this useful. I’ll see you next time.

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