10 FREE AI Tools That Feels Illegal To Know!

These 10 free AI tools are going to change your life and business, and let’s jump right into this. Here’s my tool number one: TLDR, utldr.com. Here is the URL. What this does is it summarizes long YouTube videos. So here’s what I’m gonna enter the link of a YouTube video and then click on tldr to login. Here’s the cool thing, it will summarize your video in a second. Here you go, here’s a video summary. So if you don’t have time, if you’re like me, you don’t have to watch long videos, long podcasts, some videos are like three hours long. Who has time for that, right? So you can read the summary of the video, you can search through the summary. But here’s something more cool, you can click on the chat, and now you can chat with this video. For example, I can say give me three key takeaways from this video, and then here it will tell me what the key takeaways are. So you can summarize YouTube videos using this AI tool, you can also chat with your YouTube videos using this tool, amazing, all right.

Tool GPT number two, before we go there make sure you lie can share this video so more people can see this. Tool number two is GPT minus one dot com. What this does is, let’s say if you have an AI content generated by AI tool or maybe content from chat TPT, you can put that content here. So let me find some content, so I’m gonna put this content here. This content was generated by chat GPT, and then click on submit. Look what it does, it’s gonna randomly replace the words in that text, so it randomly replaces words in your text with the synonyms. And guess what, if your text was being detected by an AI detector, it will not. So you can use this tool to really kind of humanize your AI text again. GPT minus one dot com, too.

Tool number three, this is brand new from Microsoft designer, from Microsoft. It’s designer.microsoft.com, that’s the URL. Basically, you can use text prompt to create amazing designs for social media. So for example, I can say, “I want an Instagram post about the power of focus,” right? Click on generate, and this is kind of like Canva, but you’re using text to generate images. It’s called Microsoft Copilot, that’s the name of this new AI system. And look at this, I got all these images. Here you go, here’s another one, so many of these. And obviously, I can let’s say if I like this one, I can click here, I can customize, and that’s actually a video, I can customize it, I can upload my own media, I can change the images, I can change the text, I can brand it. So really, really powerful, if you create content online, this is going to speed up your process, this is going to save you so much time, and it’s 100% free. Designer.microsoft.com.

Tool number four, perplexity dot AI. I know we all love Chat CPT, but sometimes Chat TPT is down, so what do you do? You can use this tool right here, perplexity dot AI. The good thing is it’s also on iPhone, so you can download the app and use this. This is like an AI chatbot, so I’m just gonna say, “Can you tell me how to stay focused while working from home?” Right, so let’s see what it does. It’s kind of like Chat, there you go. So the good thing about this, perplexity.ai, is it gives me the content, but it also tells me different sources. So here’s different sources that I found the content from. So I can also go to…so it can access the web, if you know Chat TPT cannot access the web. So let me actually do something really good, who won the Super Bowl in 2023? Let’s see if it knows the answer, because Chat TPT…there you go, it does know, Kansas City Chiefs. Chat TPT cannot access the web, so it won’t be able to answer this question. So this AI chatbot is much, much more powerful. For prolexity.ai, absolutely free, all right.

Tool number five, now it’s background.lol. You can use this tool to create AI images, generate images from your text, you can use these as wallpaper, you can also use these as your social media. So here, this is where you’re gonna add the text, you can enter anything here, or you can also kind of type or use some of these. When you hit submit, and obviously, it’s going to take a little bit depending on the speed of the network. It takes a little bit of time, few seconds, and then it will give you amazing wallpaper. By the way, I know a lot of people used to use Mid-Journey, but Mid-Journey is not free anymore, they charge. So you can use this, it’s one of the free alternatives of Mid-Journey. Here you go, oh, there you go. So amazing sunset, look how cool this image is. By the way, this is the tool a lot of people use to create thumbnails for their YouTube videos as well, so there you go, all right.

Tool number six, Cutout Pro. This is the AI tool that you can use for to edit your images and also your videos. So for example, if you want to remove the background from your videos, you can do that. If you’re gonna remove unwanted objects from images or videos, you can remove that. So much stuff you can do here you go, remove backgrounds from photos, you can also face cut out. So if you just need to cut out your face, you can do that. One of the things I love about this is you can remove backgrounds from video. So for example, here’s the AI video tools. I am gonna video cut out, so I’m gonna go there. One-click video background remover. So let’s upload a video, I’m gonna find something from my computer, let’s find this video, open. By the way, yeah, if you sign up, some of these tools are free, but they have a freemium model, meaning if you sign up and you pay, you get a lot of like different bells and whistles, you get more features, advanced features, stuff like that. But most of these, I use without even creating an account or I use the free plan, the free version, and it’s more than enough. So in just a few seconds, it’s gonna give me the video without the background, and you will be able to see on one side, you’ll see a video with the background, and on the other side, you will see a video without the background. Look at this, so here’s the original video, it has a background in it, and it’s zero percent. Actually, let’s go to the next tool and we’ll come back to this one. Oh, actually, it’s done, I said that too. So there you go, a lot of these two because a lot of people are using this, so they might be slowish sometimes. So just be patient, give it a few seconds, and now look at this, the video, it’s completely gone.

All right, tool number seven is bard.google.com. This is like Chat TPT, but from Google. It just launched a couple of days ago. So go to bard.google.com, you’ll have to get on the waiting list, but after you do that, after like a few hours, I think it took me about five hours and I got access. So now, this is kind of like a Chat TPT. You can use it for content creation, pretty much anything. So I’m gonna say, “Can you write me a 300-word blog on the benefits of taking naps?” Let’s see what it does. One good thing about Google bot, I’ll mention Chat GPT, like I mentioned earlier, does not have access to the internet and also the data it has is older from 2021 and past. This one has brand new data and it can also access the internet. There you go, so bard.google.com, it’s from Google, an amazing tool, all right.

Tool number nine, Prompt Vibes. We’re almost there, promptvibes.com, and again, don’t forget to like and share this video so more people can see this, and also share this video with a friend so they can benefit from these AI tools. Promptvibes.com, you can discover, learn, and test different Chat TPT prompts. So you can enter anything here, so for example, if I want a prompt related to marketing, I can search for that. Also, there are some categories here, funny prompts, if you want marketing prompts, you can go there, because that’s my area, I’m in marketing, so I test a lot. But there are so many, coding prompts, productivity prompts, so because a lot of times, we can’t think of a prompt, so you can use some of these prompts. For example, social media copywriting, look at this, this prompt is really, really good. I can just copy-paste this in my Chat CPT. All Google Bard, so for example, here you go, “Create a compelling, eye-catching social media post,” and you can put your business here, for whatever fitness, the post should have these keywords, it should follow these rules, whatever the rules may be. Very, very cool, and it saves you so much time. Promptvibes.com, all right.

Tool number ten, and it’s another AI tool, which is I think you’re gonna love this one too, it’s called Oxsolo.com. What it does is it’s really, if you have an e-commerce business, this is going to be a game changer. It creates videos in one click. I’ll show you the process. You basically, you let me see, let me find there you go, you enter the URL of your e-commerce website. So let’s say if you have your product on Amazon, you enter the URL, and then a process, it will create a final YouTube video for you. It’s actually a two-step process right here, so for example, here’s the YouTube video of the Grigio portable blender. And then when you click on create your video, I’m just going to show this to you, you’ll notice, look at this how cool this video is, and this video was automatically created by AI using just the link of your e-commerce product. You can use this as ads, you can use this as organic content on TikTok, on YouTube, or YouTube shorts, Instagram reels, all the social media platforms. So, so cool, all right, guys, these were the 10 tools. If you have any questions, let me know in the comments below. Before you go, subscribe, hit the bell icon, and also like this video, and I will see you in this next video. Bye for now.

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